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11 consumer trends for 2015

Get ready for 2015

11 consumer trends for 2015

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As a result, JWT Intelligence predicts that “Connected Kids” will be a major trend next year. Already 75% of American children under the age of 8 have access to a smartphone or tablet. “Kids,” the report says, “are more connected digitally than ever, and new toys and services are rising to satisfy their hunger for technology.”

Surprisingly (or maybe not if you have or know younger kids), “children under 10 are more technically advanced even than their teenage siblings. Their familiarity with technology, and their expectations of it, go far beyond that of previous generations.” foxbusiness


ONE: Hello Community!

Say goodbye to suburbs as millennials reach adulthood and are in no rush to get married or have kids.  As malls become boring and cities are growing at an enormous speed and size, people will start looking for a distinctive urban environment with a strong sense of place.

“Melbourne and Vancouver are just a few of the cities that have bolstered their identities in recent years, drawing millions of tourists and fostering a sense of community.“




TWO: Simplify Product Names

With so many products in the digital marketplace, the time for ethereal name concepts are being lost in all the white noise. Google has simplified their products by naming them simply: Google Play, Google Wallet, Google Glass,  and Google Drive. Apple has also gone in the same direction by dropping their iconic ‘I’, and rendering simpler product descriptors such as Apple Watch, Apple TV and Apple Pay.


THREE: Millennials

With all the talk about how Millennials are a completely different group compared to the former generations , it is no surprise that they are also driving the marketplace. Millennials care about individuality, so it is not surprise that they seek out products that are local, quality, artisanal goods.

Packaging of the future will look towards design that hails from the pre-digital era.


infographic oliver russel


FOUR: Rise of the B2B

The B2C market has increased due to social media and it is until now that Business are using the same approach with other businesses. As LinkedI’s user subscription grows and other professional networking apps come into play, it will be a year to monitor how social media will further transform the workplace. Facebook is launching in early 2015 their business platform, Facebook at work; and other networks such as ButN, focus solely on connecting professionals. Salesforce’s Chatter is another tools that has been used.


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FIVE: Streamlining CSR’s

As CSR’s mature, it has now become the norm. Aside from CSR initiaves, companies are expected to be have a human side and show compassion. This gives rise to sympathetic pricing, “Flexible and imaginative discounts that help ease lifestyle pain points, lend a helping hand in difficult times, or support a shared value.”


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SIX: Personalized marketing

Amazon paved the road to personalized marketing when they implemented smart cross selling when they suggested products that I would like based on the products that were browsed. As this feature is now a default, mass distribution is no longer an option since consumers demand personalized experiences and products.

Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a coke’ campaign addressed personalization by printing bottles with popular names (250 names in English and 122 names in Spanish)


share a coke campaign global

Authentic Beauty

As consumers search for ‘real beauty’ they no longer find it in Photoshoped images. Dove’s 2004 Beauty Evolution campaign started the revolution for body acceptance, and 10 years later it has snowballed into the search for authenticity and acceptance.

Joining the band of companies who have ditched photoshop and size-zero models, lingerie brand Aerie launched “The Real You Is Sexy” campaign. Hence, in the coming year, more products, campaigns and social media discussions will surface on acceptance, health and dissent against a manufactured ideal.

Need a reminder of Dove Evolution Campaign? Watch the following video: 


Experiential marketing

Brand loyalty is no longer about product benefits; any product that has no benefit will not succeed. Consumers place value in the unique and meaningful experience with the brand, at every point in the process. Integrating mobile, online and in-store experience will become the norm for brands seeking loyalty.


Mobile Finances

Google Wallet and Apple Pay have replaced paper money and credit/debit cards. As part of the simplification process, physical wallets will no longer be needed as the mobile phone replaces all the components inside. It will be expected that new and innovative mobile payment apps take the reins this year.

Etsy allows you to take your online shop anywhere with their ‘Sell on Etsy App and Reader’ that allows you to process credit cards on mobile devices.

etsy pos


Humanizing Brands

Brand corporate communications strategies are expected to become more human. Brands will start talking more like people in a plain, straightforward, honest tone. So this year we should expect to hear brands with a more approachable, hey-I’m-your-bud, voice.


Sources: marketing interactive, rocketnews24, etsy 

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