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6 ways to keep your interview from going off-track

Stay confident and keep your interview on track

6 ways to keep your interview from going off-track

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We’ve all been there at one time or another. We start off the interview excited and confident, but somewhere down the line it starts digressing into a failure. Don’t dismay and don’t give up. Regain your confidence and turn things around.

ONE: Blanking-out

For the job you’re applying for, you may be expected to have specific knowledge. If you blank-out at the question, instead of pretending to know the answer, you can call on their sympathy by admitting that you’re nervous and can’t remember at the moment. And instead, try to recount a similar situation in your experience to try to recall the answer to show that you can work under pressure.


TWO: You don’t know the answer

Like before, instead of pretending to know the answer by circumnavigating the question, tell them that you don’t know but immediately follow it with ‘how’ you would go about finding out the answer. This shows confidence, and problem solving skills.


THREE: Being incoherent

Sometimes our nerves get the better of us, and we end up saying absolutely nothing. Instead of letting it slide, show them that you are self-aware and address the issue. Possibly use humor to show them that you acknowledge that you were being incoherent and ask if you can try again.




FOUR: Distracted interviewer

An interviewer might seem distracted because of a myriad of reasons: last minute meeting before the interview, a sudden problem in the office, or they haven’t had a chance to go over your resume. Be prepared for the possibility that they don’t have a copy of your resume by bringing a printed one and offering it. If that doesn’t seem to get the interviewer’s attention, genuinely ask if they would prefer to reschedule for a later time. More than likely they will welcome your flexibility and sympathy.


FIVE: Hostile interviewer

In the case of a hostile interviewer, don’t get flustered because this may be a test. Remain calm and polite and offer information on why you are the best candidate for the job if they aren’t interested in asking questions that elicit your best skills sets.


SIX: Awkward silence

Obviously you would have looked into the company’s website or other literature before you showed up for the interview. So prepare some questions that may not have been addressed in the website, annual reports or brochures. Ideally ask questions about the position you are applying for, the training program, advancement or promotion paths available. Remember to stay away from questions that have already been addressed in the website or job application.


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