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7 Tips To Craft A Compelling Newsletter!

Attract and keep more followers through email!

7 Tips To Craft A Compelling Newsletter!

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More action is taken through a company’s newsletter than from any other digital source!

According to the US Direct Marketing Association, “every dollar spent on email is projected to bring [back] $35.02”, making newsletters one of the most effective communication tools of all time.

That said it’s time to get your newsletter up and running!


  1. Define a clear purpose

Before you write anything make sure you know exactly where you’re going with it.

Knowing your purpose will help you attract the right type of followers and will increase your chance to get readers involved.

To identify that purpose ask yourself key questions:

What do you want your readers to do after reading your letter? Are you looking to close a sale or are you just trying to inform your readers?

ACPRail international has its purpose bright and clear in this newsletter,


  1. Make it personal

 Now that you have figured out your purpose is time to spread the news!

 Research from the Aberdeen Group shows that personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14%”.

 Making an email “personal” –however– is not only about greeting your readers on a first-name basis. The entire letter hast to make your audience feel as if it was written specifically for them.

Here are some tips to achieve that:

  • Keep greeting your readers by their name.
  • Make the message sound like a personal story you would tell a friend. Add passion and details to help your reader visualize the experience and feel a part of it.
  • And last make it all about your reader. Remind the audience of how much you care about them and how important their participation is for your organization!

Here’s a great example from the World Wildlife Fund:


  1. Make your template user-loving

 Truth is: First impressions matter!

To make your newsletter attractive, I suggest you add some key information but let your visuals speak for you! Nowadays people are more attracted by images than they are by words.

Remember, however, not to saturate your letter with too much content and make it easy to navigate.

And finally, make your template mobile friendly! According to Campaign Monitor, about 53% of emails are opened on mobile device” and no one likes it when the content doesn’t fit the mobile screen.

Source: https://freshmail.com/guide/create-email-marketing-campaigns-mobile-devices/

Source: https://freshmail.com/guide/create-email-marketing-campaigns-mobile-devices/

  1. Pick a reliable email provider

To make your newsletter the best you need a provider that lets you write, edit and share content easily. Not to mention one that makes sure you comply with CAN-SPAM laws and gives good discounts!

I would advice you to do your research before you chose. Make a list of your organization’s main marketing needs and match it with the provider’s offers.

Some great providers to chose from are: GetResponse, AWeber Communications, Benchmark Email, Vertical Response and MailChimp.

  1. Make your info “sharable”

Social media can be a great marketing asset if it attracts more people to your email list. So go ahead and add Twitter and Facebook buttons to your letter!

By enabling social sharing, you take advantage of your readers’ social networks and increase engagement levels.

In addition, enabling social sharing increases your reach and exposes your organization’s work to larger and more diverse audiences.

National Geographic Magazine is a great example when it comes to social media sharing:



  1. Craft Effective “Calls-To-Action”

To increase your involvement rates you need to transform your calls-to-action into an opportunity no one would like to miss.

To do so, the Bloomington Volunteer Network suggest the following:

  • Choose a headline that makes the call feel totally personal! Examples like “We need YOUR skills to reach our goals” and “Your purchase can save a child’s life” will do the job.
  • Outline the specific features of your call. Information such as when, where, doing what and with whom is key to inform and attract the right followers.
  • Make sure to specify the benefits and barriers of your call.
  • Add contact information! People need to know who to call or where to sign up to get involved.

Even if organizations choose to add many calls in one letter, I suggest you follow the “Rule of Three”. This will make it easier for people to explore and remember your content.

Short and straight to the point, Project Aware outlines it’s call to action as it is:



  1. Give an “exit option”

Please, listen to me when I tell you: always add an “unsubscribe” option at the end.

Allowing your readers to unsubscribe gives them the power to choose, which in turn makes them feel more engaged towards staying.

Another great advantage of this option is the “exit surveys”. If your newsletter needs some updating you will know through your deserters’ feedback.


Taking these steps will help you craft and deliver an effective newsletter. Also they might increase your email conversion rates in the short and long run~

Owning your story and being able to share it properly can get you more than just sales and likes. It will help you build a solid network of loyal and involved followers!

If you found this post useful, please let us know in the comments!

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