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Making Monday Meetings Less Painful

Trevor 3 comments

Monday Meetings are important to align the team members with the weekly objectives and status checks. Although these are important things, as a manager, supervisor or coordinator one has to assess the real cost-benefit of meetings. When you have a meeting, you might think that the cost is just 1-hour from the work day. The […]

quote Jason Fried

Where Does Work Really Happen?

Trevor 3 comments

Where does work really happen? Jason Fried has asked himself that question and discovered something quite radical. Despite the strong investment in office space and office amenities, work doesn’t happen at work at all. The myth of multitasking has long been debunked, and the notion of working at one thing at a time is gaining […]

The Myth of Multitasking & Why You Need to Stop

Trevor 7 comments

Recent neuroscience research tells us that the brain doesn’t really do tasks simultaneously. The reality of the matter is that we switch tasks quickly. When you read and listen to music or when you text while sitting in a meeting, you’re not really doing 2 simultaneous tasks. There’s a stop and start process that goes […]

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How to Talk to a Graphic Designer?

Trevor 2 comments

It’s all about communicating effectively. Avoid poor outcomes that arise from poor communication skills. Save time & unnecessary headaches. When talking about designs, it is particularly hard due to the creative process involved. So to prevent misunderstanding, conflicts and overall frustration realize that as the client, you are just as responsible as the designer for […]

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Is Social Media Killing Your Job Opportunities?

Trevor 7 comments

By now you should have Googled yourself at least once. If you haven’t done it, you definitely should. A simple search will reveal all the online information you have unknowingly shared throughout the years.  94% of Recruiters use social media to recruit (2013), a substantial increase from 78% in 2008. Google – Start by searching […]

Motivate Smart person holding business globe

Are You Motivating Smart?

Trevor No Comments

We are a long way from a Fordism form of management, and we’ve surpassed Taylorism Principles of scientific management. Times have definitely changed and Employee Management Practices have become increasingly important, especially when you consider the following data:   95% correlation between balance sheet and business value (1978) vs. 28% correlation between balance sheet and […]

Business Women image by ambro

What & Why’s of Cover Letters

Trevor 7 comments

What is a Cover Letter & Why you should be including them in your resume submissions. A cover letter is a single page introductory letter for your potential employer that supplements your resume. This should always be included in every job application because it introduces yourself by highlighting important skills and capabilities, and how they are applicable […]

25+ Awesome Business Card Trends for 2014

Trevor No Comments

A business card is the opportunity to say so much more about yourself and your business. Get inspired with different business cards designs. Get your potential clients’ attention with these awesome business card designs and trends for 2014.   The ‘Obviously for Lego’ The Google Inspired The Website Inspired   The Zoo-ist The Streamline The […]

3 Gmail Tools That Will Boost Your Productivity for Free

Trevor 5 comments

Canned Responses  Do you get similar emails that require similar answers quite frequently? Well, instead of typing the reply emails over and over again, Gmail offers a Lab feature that will allow you to save ‘pre-written responses’ to make your life easier. How to turn on Canned Responses – In your gmail, go to the […]