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The Call Center Industry: The Next Big Thing For Economic Development?

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Nowadays you open a newspaper and most jobs relate to call centers. Advertising competitive salaries, great growth opportunities and low entry barriers, companies like Xerox, Capgemini, Telus and [24]/7 have enchanted the young workforce who want to make a lot with the little they have. Between 2009-2013 the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry in Guatemala […]

Seal That Deal!

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Some say it takes a lifetime to become a master negotiator. But, you’ve got to start somewhere, right? To help you get started or just to refresh some concepts, we’ve put together a short list of 5 things experts consider vital to conduct a successful negotiation and close that deal! Do not confuse people with interests […]

Focus Groups

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On previous posts I discussed “Human-Centered” design and talked about how it all starts with empathy and relationships. Although there are many tools to conduct primary research on customer needs, one of the most effective tools is focus groups: meetings where you interact with and gather first-hand information from a solid batch of potential users. […]

Human-Centered Design

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Whether you run a large multinational or a successful foundation, if you don’t know what your target market wants you’re most likely going to stumble. Over the years we’ve seen organizations waste time and money launching products that don’t work. Either they didn’t understand their markets or didn’t pay attention to important details early in […]

Young Guatemalan Entrepreneurship

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The Lucky Attitude describes millennials as the “Startup Kids”, the generation that wants to be their own boss and the ones that see more value in creating something for themselves than climbing the corporate ladder. Although such is a general statement, millennials in Guatemala are proving it right. With 40.3% of adults between 18-64 intending […]

Could Artificial Intelligence Mean The End Of The Human Race?

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The World Economic Forum (WEF) has declared our time’s technological breakthroughs as “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”, where all existing technologies fuse to break barriers between the physical, digital and biological worlds. Amongst the biggest advances of the revolution we find Artificial Intelligence (AI), a computer system able to carry out human tasks such as decision-making, speech recognition and […]

Is UBER Doing Bad By Doing Good?

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Disruptive innovation is a great thing. In fact, we need this type of innovation to offer better products and services in time. The catch is, however, when a business model seeks to “disrupt” an existing system, the adjustment period can be very tough and harshly unbalancing for those disrupted. Which, in turn, raises the questions […]

7 Tips To Craft A Compelling Newsletter!

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More action is taken through a company’s newsletter than from any other digital source! According to the US Direct Marketing Association, “every dollar spent on email is projected to bring [back] $35.02”, making newsletters one of the most effective communication tools of all time. That said it’s time to get your newsletter up and running! […]

5 Easy Steps To Become Sustainable At The Workplace

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Our planet is under great pressure. With populations and corporations growing at irresponsible rates, it is no surprise that we’ve reached the point of  increased global warming, ocean acidification, extreme poverty and mass deforestation. Saving the planet, though, cannot be seen as only as a “big player” issue. Sustainability concerns all of us and it starts with ourselves at home […]

Overview: Social Entrepreneurship

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You have probably heard of social entrepreneurship at some point in your career. Probably defined as the “charitable work of some business people” or by its true definition: the type of entrepreneurship that wants to solve the problems of the world using business solutions. As a social entrepreneur I can’t remember the amount of glares […]