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5 Skills That Make Women In Business Unique

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According to Catalyst.org, women currently hold 23 (4.6%) of CEO positions in Fortune 500 companies. Even if the transition has been slow, companies have finally understood the immense power behind women leadership and are shifting towards a male-female power balance. Women bring a unique set of soft and hard skills to the table that increases a […]

7 Tools To Create And Nourish Effective Teams

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“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb. As the African proverb suggests, the key to go far in life is teamwork, and the key to effective teamwork is having the best team. Gathering lessons from great businesses like Zappos and Whole Foods, we’ve put together […]

Boss Vs. Leader

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Let me ask you directly, whom do you consider a true leader? And, what does he or she do that make you feel that way? Today, the entire world is talking about leadership. From the Church, to universities to companies, everybody is looking for people who can move the masses, reach organizational goals and maximize […]

5 Ways Learning Another Language Can Boost Your Career

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In the corporate world, globalization has opened the door to bigger deals, new partnerships and increased business opportunities across the globe. That is why; employers are desperately looking for candidates with the right business and communication skills to keep their companies globally competitive. If you find this interesting and want to become one of these […]

New iPhone 7: Yes or No?

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The iPhone 7 is out. And, while some loyal fans welcome the new release with joy, others worry the new phone won’t meet their expectations. And as we welcome water-resistance and wireless headphones, let’s outline some of the biggest pros and cons Apple’s new creation has to offer.   PROS:  Weather resistance – Although weather resistance […]

Is Augmented Reality The Future Of Business And Marketing?

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Imagine if you could bring all your marketing material to life, giving clients the opportunity to try your products on their phone. Thanks to augmented reality live business is now a possibility. Easy and convenient, clients need only a phone to scan the pages of a catalog and superimpose virtual images over their own reality. If you […]

The Top 10 Presentation Softwares For Business

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Thanks to slideshow presentations, transmitting impactful (and effective) messages has become easier and more accessible to business professionals. Offering cutting-edge visuals and creative features, slideshows can help you transform complex information into simple concepts, making your lecture more attractive and memorable to the audience. To help you build a stunning presentation we’ve come up with […]

The Hotel Industry in Guatemala

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The hotel industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world with predicted revenue of $550 billion  in 2016 (hospitalitynet, 2015). In 2011, the revenue was $457 billion, showing an increase of almost $100 billion in just five years (hospitalitynet, 2015). This increase is due to many factors affecting the sector, including key […]

increasing productivity

14 Things Successful eople do

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From Talentsmart.com, Dr. Travis Bradburry talks about what ultra productive people do. Follow this list and jot down all the things that will make you an incredibly productive person. My personal favorite is number 12, since I am incapable of dealing with physical mail at the moment I get it; i have to keep procrastinating […]

Misleading Information on Resumes

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We’ve all wanted to embellish our resumes, but these take the prize! Make sure that the next time you don’t make these huge errors.