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Things to do before asking for a raise

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After working for a company for a while, it is only natural to want to ask for a raise. Usually, a raise won’t be offered unless you ask for it- so make sure you do it right! ONE: Timing is Key “Find the right moment to ask. This is not something to do when you […]

How to be Heard

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How to be Heard by Daniel Shipley In sales, one of the hardest things that a salesperson can feel is unheard. Sometimes as sales people, we feel as though we have such an amazing thing, that if people would just give us a couple of seconds to hear about it they would all want what […]

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Future of Cloud Computing

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About a decade ago, the concept of cloud computing (as a service) was a little known concept; and suddenly it exploded. The significant cost reduction in cloud storage, and software as a service allowed for the current wave of on demand services. Gone are the days of high initial infrastructure investments. Now anyone can host […]

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Get a Sick Note via Skype

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There are now 2 websites in Australia that offer sick notes through Skype. Instead of having to go to the doctor’s office to get an assessment and get a legitimate sick leave, you can now easily do it through a Skype call and avoid the commute and waiting. From the employee side this is great […]

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5 Steps to Writing a Convincing eMail

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You’ve just sent a great email with a fantastic initiative, are you absolutely certain that you have structured it in such a way that’ll generate positive feedback? Most of the time great initiatives get lost among the lengthy, wordy and extensive emails. Next time, use the following checklist to ensure a high positive feedback. 1. […]

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How to get an endorsement in 5 easy steps

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When you have a product or service to promote and you are relatively unknown , an endorsement from someone in your field who is at a high profile status can provide a huge boost. You want to be careful when approaching these potential endorsers because they probably get many offers on a regular basis. To […]

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6 Hobbies that will help you become smarter at work

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We all participate in some type of hobby that we enjoy doing. There are some hobbies that are beneficial in helping us to become smarter and will benefit us in our work practices. There are many different hobbies one can partake in, but there are six that are shown to be helpful in increasing ones […]

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Experience and Travel within Guatemala City

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When I first came to Guatemala I was excited as well as nervous. I was not sure what to expect coming into a new culture. There are many differences here compared to the United States. For example with how people greet each other, the food, the language, and etc. It was challenging to adapt at […]

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Practice Business Data Interpretation

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The true test of Business English understanding lies in accurate data interpretation and fluency. Understanding English by itself is, of course, a great advantage; but the true key to achieving success is understanding English in context. Have a go at the following practice questions. In your opinion, are they difficult or easy peasy? ONE  Answer: […]

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How to be a Better Mentor

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Good mentoring is all about telling the truth. When you use truth-telling as the basis for your mentoring relationship, great things will happen. ONE. Avoid ‘gotcha’ moments. Instead of waiting for your mentee to mess up, provide critique as a chance to offer help and guidance. TWO. Seek to understand. Before rushing into judgment, strive to understand what […]