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entrepreneur 13 tips

13 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know

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We all have the potential to be an entrepreneur. Some of us have already been there, some of us are going through this and some of us just aren’t ready to take the first step. Whichever the case, here’s a compilation of 13 tips for any entrepreneur to become successful. 1. Have confidence in your […]

International Business Academy | Business English - Banking term practice

Practice Banking Terms in English

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Knowing banking terms is a necessity. Some of us use it more frequently than others, but for the most part, we all have to use it at least once a month. Here are the practice questions and answers from our Facebook post for September 10th, 2015. Answer: A. Assets Answer: B. Liability Answer: B. Bounces Answer: C. Rating noun […]

Business English with International Business Academy

Practice Marketing Terms in English

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Get the answers and explanations to our August 2015 facebook posts here! This week we focused on common marketing terms so that you can use them correctly with your local, regional or international network. Write emails and memos like a pro, and use them efficiently during meetings as well! Answer: A. Analysis Answer: B. Launch   […]

mingle before meeting team building

Overcoming Public Speaking Fears

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Sometimes you just can’t help it. Your turn is up and your heart starts beating faster, your palms start getting sweaty and your anxiety levels skyrocket. The key to overcoming public speaking fears is all about practice! However, bear in mind that practicing your discourse is not enough. When you start losing your audience’s attention, […]

business english ingles para los negocios practice

Straight or Forward

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There are many different applications for both straight and forward, and the primary confusion lies in the fact that they can be used as adjectives, adverbs, verbs and even nouns.   As an Adjective Straight is used more often for things that are, well, straight; but, forward is usually used to describe the future or […]

How to be a happy flier.

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I have spent much of my life flying. In fact my first flight was at age six months from New York JFK to Bridgetown, Barbados. I do not remember that flight but I am positive that is when I became addicted to flying. I grew around planes all thanks to my mother who has dedicated […]

business email writing

Business eMail Writing

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It might be obvious, but only write emails when there is a clear purpose. There’s no need to say needless things when the average person using email for business sends and receives 122 emails a day, according to a study completed by the Radicati Group. Opening Sentences “This report explains our plan for launching the new […]

5 Tips to improve your English skills, effectively!

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Learning a new language can be difficult, trust me I know! They always say, the person giving advice doesn’t take their own and I would agree. In the current moment, my urge to learn Spanish is more of hobby than it is a necessity. Here in Latin America and across the world English is a lifeline […]

Why language matters!

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Patrick – A few nights ago my house celebrated the birthday of the woman I call “Casa Mama”. I know the words do not translate into English properly but it’s true intention is to show respect for my house mom. She is a wonderful woman and is always trying to find ways to make me […]

persuasive business person |IBAgt

6 Steps to becoming more persuasive at work

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You have great ideas and important messages to deliver; however, you can’t seem to get your point across accurately?  You don’t necessarily have to be in sales to find persuasion useful, you might need to persuade an employee to improve, persuade your boss of taking on a new idea, or gain support from colleagues.  Whichever […]