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How after work emails are ruining your health

Trevor 3 comments

Although emails have facilitated communications by not requiring all parties to be present in the same office or time zone, they do have a flip side: you are always reachable whether or not you’re at work.


Chronic stress can cause brain damage

Trevor 3 comments

PTSD is usually associated with warfare; however, new studies suggests that long-term work related stress can also have a similar impact on our brain structure, similar to PTSD.

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Why everyone is talking about Uber

Trevor 4 comments

It seems like this is a hot, trending topic that everyone is talking about, but what exactly is Uber? At first sight, Uber might seem like a regular taxi service, but the reality of the matter is that it is so much more. Uber is an app that connect drivers and users. Need to get a ride from point A to point B?

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How the hotel industry will never be the same again

Trevor No Comments

Online Travel Agencies (OTA) are changing significantly how hotels do business. You, more than likely, have booked a hotel using online travel agents such as Expedia, booking.com or Hipmunk; considered to stay in other people’s home through Airbnb


5 websites to learn to code- for free!

Trevor 3 comments

Nowadays we all know that technology helps us to be more productive in almost all aspects of our lives. You can create automated reports for your boss in minutes instead of wasting the whole weekend gathering together all the information you need

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Meeting Minutes

Trevor one comments

No, I’m not talking about the duration of a meeting. Meeting minutes are post-meeting briefs that bring everyone to the same page. These are not verbatim transcripts of the entire meeting, but rather highlight the relevant information. Here’s how it works:

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Google HR: 5 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Trevor 7 comments

Laszlo Bock, Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google, recently published an article in linkedin. He mentions that Google sometimes gets more than 50,000 resumes in a single week. That’s a lot of resumes.

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5 routines that are ruining your productivity

Trevor 5 comments

We follow a routine everyday. The moment we wake up our routine brain kicks-in and we start tackling our morning tasks flawlessly and without much thought. These easy motion of actions follow into the workspace with just as much ease.

spooky halloween facts

15 Halloween Facts

Trevor 5 comments

1. Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas. 2. Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween.

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How Big is Halloween (Really)?

Trevor 3 comments

Ever wonder how much Halloween is really worth? Well, total spending on Halloween this year will reach $7.4 billion,