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Feng Shui: Transform Your Office In 5 Steps!

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Although I’m no “Feng Shui” expert, I’ve managed to discover it’s great power!

To lead a more positive and successful life experts suggest that you transform your environments into places were you feel safe, happy and at peace. And, since you probably spend most of your day at the office, why not start there?

Here are 5 easy-to-accomplish tasks that will have a great impact and will require little effort!

  1. Keep the air flowing and clean

Feng Shui practitioners insist that the first step into a better environment is a “clear air”. And yes…plants are the best element to accomplish this!

According to Smallbiztrends and Greatist.com, there are many plants that could make your office look great but they recommend these for better results  (regarding health benefits, maintenance and air purification): Peace Lily, English Ivy, Aloe, Garden Mum, Spider Plant and Weeping Fig. Small, effective and….cheap!

Source: www.pinterest.com

  1. Choose the right lighting for your eyes

Experts agree that having optimal lighting is very important for productivity. If you want to improve your results you must improve your “visual performance” and adjusting the color, direction and level of light to your eyes’ needs.

Lighting Deluxe suggests you create a balance between daylight and artificial light and avoid glare or shadiness at all costs. Try not to have light hitting windows or computer screens directly and place all artificial light somewhere it doesn’t hit your eyes directly.

Choose the illumination intensity that makes your eyes feel “at ease”, using light tones that inspire you to stay awake but at peace. And…as an extra tip, try to use energy-saving products to cut costs and reduce carbon footprint.

Source: www.relumination.com

  1. Place the right pictures in the right place

Putting pictures of your partner and/or family on your desk is a great way to enhance the “good vibes”. It brings positive thoughts and in turn it stimulates you to do better.

To take full advantage of these pictures, “Feng Shuists” recommends putting the picture of a partner on the “right back corner” of the desk and that of family on the left center corner, in front of the computer screen. Also, it is advised to keep at least half of your desk free of things to let the air flow more easily and reduce any chances of stress and overwhelm.

Source: www.pinteres.com 

  1. Use the right colors

The bottom line here is that color matters….a LOT! When if comes to color experts suggest you never stick only to one, since different colors stimulate different parts of yourself. Experts recommend blue to inspire productivity and loyalty, green to create balance, yellow to spur creativity and orange to create a sense of emotion.

Source: www.pinterest.com

  1. Bring in positive energy by being and thinking positively

 As I mentioned in a previous post, nothing will change if your inner self is not ok. So even if you re-arrange your office space, if you’re not happy with yourself the new look will get old pretty quickly. If you want to learn more techniques to be and stay “mindful” keep reading here.

I hope you enjoyed this short post and that you let us know in the comments!








3 Foundations That Are Totally Worth Your Money!

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“Giving back” is a wonderful thing. In fact, many studies have proved that people who share are way happier than those who spend on themselves.

The world needs help! But there are so many ways and causes to aid that it can become daunting to choose just one. To assist you in this process, we’ve shortlisted 3 amazing foundations and social enterprises that could put your volunteering hours and donation money to very good use. All of them present in Guatemala!

  1. Empresarios Juveniles – Entrepreneurship Education

A member of Junior Achievement Worldwide, Empresarios Juveniles has empowered over 200K young people in Guatemala since 1988.

With more than 27 years of experience, EJ focuses on entrepreneurship, financial literacy and skill development to help the new generations break the cycle of poverty by starting their own businesses or becoming competitive candidates for good paying jobs.

Currently, EJ is present in 17 departments across Guatemala and works with a unique model connecting the business world with the classroom through internationally acclaimed programs taught by professional businessmen and women.

If economic integration is your thing, support this incredible foundation with donations, volunteering hours or by introducing their mission in your company!

  1. Feed The Children – Food Security

Feed The Children’s goal is simple: that no child goes to bed hungry. Feeding more than 263K kids per day, their efforts extend all over the world including Guatemala.

Being poverty the main cause for food insecurity, Feed The Children is conscious that the problem goes beyond food. That’s why they also offer various education programs and long-term solutions regarding clean water and health initiatives.

If food security calls you, you can help this amazing organization through volunteering, donations or by creating your own fundraising campaign. Imagine being the hero who gives a child the opportunity to get nourished! Doesn’t that sound good?

  1. Wakami – Community Empowerment

 Wakami is a wonderful nonprofit and social enterprise hybrid that seeks to empower at risk communities in Guatemala. Their model encompasses creating small rural community businesses and then commercializing their artisanal products worldwide.

Currently, their inclusive business methodology has empowered 486 Guatemalan producers, 95% of them being women. With almost 20 incubated businesses, the Wakami efforts have solved problems that go beyond poverty. Increased women empowerment, food security, increased school attendance and better education are only some of the great results that this amazing organization has delivered.

 If you find women and community empowerment interesting, get involved with Wakami! Here’s a short video from Soy 502


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6 Business Bestsellers You Must Read!

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Reading does not only increase your knowledge in a certain topic. If you get into the habit, reading can also stimulate your mind, expand your vocabulary and equip you with skills to write, analyze and strategize at a higher level.

Imagine then if you got into the habit of reading about business? You wouldn’t only learn from the best guys out there but also you will start to develop unique skills to generate better ideas, try and test new strategies, innovate, increase your personal effectiveness and of course stay updated on important issues.

To get you started on this amazing habit, we’ve shortlisted some of the best business books out there! All you got to do now is choose your favorite.

  1. Unshakeable – Tony Robbins (#1 NYT Bestseller)

BB UnshakeableIf you find yourself trapped in your financial situation, then this book is for you. Robbins has effectively created a step-by-step playbook that promises to take you towards financial freedom in no time. Starting by helping you understand your current financial position, Robbins then guides you to become a smarter investor and a wiser administrator by pointing out how to get the best out of today’s financial systems.

You can get it on Amazon for only $15.32!







  1. Tools of Titans – Will Farriss

BB Tools of TitansFrom the thousands of interviews Will Farriss has done for his podcast, he created the ultimate “toolbooK” Gathering the most meaningful parts of each interview, Farriss shares with you the “tactics, routines and habits” that business titans (amongst other professionals and icons) followed to be and stay where they are. This amazing book covers topics from AcroYoga to Gut Investing and Hacking, allowing the reader to use it as an encyclopedia of advice given by no other than the very best in each category.

You can get it on Amazon for only $16.80!




  1. Option B – Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant

BB Option BA great read not only for business but also for life. In this incredible book, Sheryl Sandberg along with psychologist Adam Grant analyze the ability of the human spirit to deal with loss, conquer adversity and build resilience. This emotional yet practical guide is a must-read if you want to build stronger and more resilient workplaces that know how to handle adversity, accept change and thrive even when things don’t go as planned.

 You can get on Amazon it for only $9.19!







  1. Joy, Inc. – Richard Sheridan

BB Joy IncWritten by Menlo Innovations co-founder and CEO Richard Sheridan, Joy, Inc. is an insightful and fun guide to increase employee engagement, ensure a happy and motivated workplace and increase profit all at the same time.

Basing the culture exclusively on the value of “Joy”, Menlo has been able to grow like no other tech business in a short period of time. Sheridan, in turn, attributes all of this to happier employees and in this book he gives you all the tips so you can achieve the same!   You can get on Amazon it for only $11.06!






  1. Emotional Agility – Susan David

BB Emotinal AgilityAn incredible research and experience-based piece, Emotional Agility displays a series of steps and exercises to help you identify, manage and get the most out of your emotions. After reading this book you will be able to handle difficult situations (in life and at work), by facing them intelligently with courage and serenity. Also, you will learn valuable skills to lead the behavioral change that will unleash your full personal and professional potential.

You can get on Amazon for only $9.26!







  1. The Leadership Challenge – James M. Kouzes & Barry Z. Posner

BB Leadership ChallengeDisplaying the scientific, artistic and social sides of leadership, The Leadership Challenge holds valuable expert advise to help leaders understand the importance of their role, guide their workforce towards team work, learn the power of motivation and take advantage of today’s electronic environment to do so. This book, without question, is an amazing guide to build the leadership and social skills necessary to boost your organization.

You can get it on Amazon for only $23.79!

More resources: 

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6 Online Learning Platforms for Business!

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No matter where you are in your professional life, it is never too late to keep learning.

Every day new trends, tools and methods come out to help businesses and professionals take a step forward, and that includes you! . That’s why we’ve put together a short list of six great online learning platforms for business to help you choose and jump ahead of the curve!

  1. HubSpot Academy

If you’re interested in learning more about marketing, sales and design this is the platform for you. Apart from offering a great variety of free and paid certifications, HubSpot gives participants access to a broad network of collaborators and connects certified individuals with potential employers

  1. Alison

From customer service to human resources and project management, Alison offers more than 800 courses that can be completed within hours and at no cost.

  1. edX

 edX courses were designed to provide you with the best professional and master level education online. In collaboration with great American and Australian universities, you can complete advanced courses in a few weeks whilst being taught by actual university professors and paying as little as $150 per certificate. EdX courses are internationally recognized by companies and can be used as credit to accelerate your Masters degree!

Source: blog.knowbe4.com

Source: blog.knowbe4.com

  1. Coursera

 Bringing knowledge from some of the best universities in the USA, Coursera can train you in anything from data science to game theory and Buddhism. Anything you need to learn to advance your business or career can be found in Coursera, taught by professionals and at reasonable prices. Although these certificates don’t represent credit hours from the participating university, they are great resume boosters and would look amazing in your LinkedIn profile!

  1. Lynda

 As they announce it on their website, Lynda offers more than 5000 courses in business, tech and creative skills taught by industry experts. To start you can either sign up for a free trial or you can go ahead and take the premium option (starting at $29.99) to get instant access to all the knowledge. Also, in partnership with LinkedIn, Lynda offers training programs for companies, ensuring a better learning rate for all your employees!

  1. Google For Entrepreneurs

 Ideal for start-ups and small businesses, Google for Entrepreneurs brings together lessons, tools and networks to get your business up and running. With most products being free, this is the place to go to get all the resources you need regarding data analysis, digital marketing, research and communications.

If you found this post useful, please let us know in the comments!

More Sources:

  1. http://www.onlinecoursereport.com/the-50-best-online-course-providers-of-2015/

Guatemala’s Holy Week: A Unique Experience

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Guatemala’s Holy Week celebrations are a splendorous display of history, religion and Latin American tradition.

After the Spanish introduced Christianity in Guatemala the 16th century, the indigenous people began to worship Christ the “Guatemalan” way. Mixing colors, music and gatherings this intercultural mix of European religion and indigenous worship methods created a new set of customs that became a cornerstone of the country’s present identity.

Of all the Holy Week traditions, we’ve put together a short list of the most famous ones, hoping you can enjoy some of them this year and get to experience one of the richest cultural experiences in the world.

Here is a short video from Aspectos Digitales, who presented the tradition perfectly

  1. The Passion of The Christ (live version)

In many Guatemalan departments like Huehuetenango and Santa Rosa, hundreds of actors come together to reenact the passion of Christ in the streets of their towns, allowing people to live the Stations of the Cross, side-by-side with Jesus.

  1. Sawdust Carpets

This is one of the biggest Holly Week traditions and is lived all around the country. Made of colored sawdust, each carpet either tells a religious story or displays important Christian images, such as rosaries, Hosts and images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. During Holy Week, entire communities and parishes get together in advance to prepare the materials and put the carpets together so that Jesus (in the procession), can walk on them later on!

Source: flickr.com

Source: flickr.com

  1. The Processions

 Antigua Guatemala is mostly known for this Holly Week tradition. Processions start out on the first Thursday of Lent and then are carried out every week until Palm Sunday, and then every day until Resurrection Sunday. The processions not only tell beautiful stories but also bring people from all economic and social statuses to work together. Some processions are carried for more than 15 hours and they all include music, prayers and a lot of emotions.

  1. Penitence

 Throughout Guatemala, many communities practice interesting activities to pay for their sins. Curious enough, many of these practices date from the time of the colonies and have been passed down generations until this day.

In Quiché, the “gateadores” crawl around the city streets with their faces covered and with thorns on their backs.

In Chichicastenango, people carry a small cross on their shoulders and follow the procession on their knees all the way to the temple.

In Sololá, you have the “Toronjeada” where people fill bags of oranges and hit each other with it. And finally, in Sololá as well, communities are allowed a time to hit each other to settle any dispute and reconcile.  

Source: Pinterest.com

Source: Pinterest.com

  1. Food!

And last but never least, during Holly Week celebrations Guatemalans prepare their souls and also treat their stomachs with a lot of their traditional and delicious food!

Amongst these incredible dishes you can find enchiladas, “canillitas de leche”, “tostadas” with frijoles, guacamole or red sauce, “molletes”, “rellenitos” (plantain cakes), and Horchata (rice-based juice).

And just like these, there are many more traditions in every town of this beautiful country.

If you are religious Guatemala might be the right place to be during Holy Week and if you’re not Guatemala may also be a great place to visit this April if you want to experience something beautiful.

Keep Your Personal Finance In Check

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Let’s face it…when it comes to managing our money and creating budgets, things can get a bit overwhelming.

Every time (somehow) we have more and more responsibilities that require a lot of organization. So, to prevent you from going crazy or bankrupt, we’ve put together 5 short tips that will help you keep your finances in check!

  1. Revise Your Budget Constantly

 We live in a changing world. And, even if you usually spend a certain amount on something (let’s say gas), anything can happen that can increase or decrease the amount.

That’s ok as long as you update your budget as soon as possible and make the necessary adjustments. This will prevent you from eating up your savings and stressing at the end of the month with extra expenses.

Source: raweva.com

Source: raweva.com

  1. Always Keep Your Bills in Mind

 To do this properly, Investopedia advises the following…First, pay your bills as soon as you get them. Second, keep a “bill checklist” to keep track of your payments, and, third, create a folder (in your computer or in print) with monthly sections where you can organize all your bills.

  1. Set the “Bill Money” Aside

 As soon as you get you paycheck, transfer the amount you considered for expenses to another account. That way you will avoid spending the “untouchable” money.

  1. Keep Personal and Business Separate

It can get very messy when you mix business and personal money. You may end up spending your savings to save the business or using your investment money to buy you dinner. To avoid this, keep personal and business bills in separate folders, boxes, etc. Run a separate budget & checklist for each area and, above all, have 2 separate accounts!

The ideal would be to have personal, business and savings accounts, interconnected with one another.

  1. Chose Debit over Credit

 Having a credit card is great for emergencies or long-term investments. The problem with credit cards, though, is that they can lead you to debt and overspending very easily.

When you use your debit card you are using the money you already have, and even if there’s a chance you run out…at least you didn’t use the bank’s money and accumulated debt WITH interests.

“Financial peace isn’t the acquisition of stuff. It’s learning to live on less than you make, so you can give money back and have money to invest. You can’t win until you do this.”
― Dave Ramsey

  1. Some Extra Advice

 And just as a bonus, if you find making a budget or keeping track of your expenses too daunting…there’s always personal finance software and apps that can do the numerical job for you! All you got to do is keep it fresh and update it constantly.

 So here you go, put these six tips in practice and you will see how paying your bills stops being your worst nightmare!


If you found this post useful, please let us know in the comments!


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25 Facts That Will Make You Think Again

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We live in a world that we often don’t know. However, it is never too late to start exploring or keep on learning.To inspire your curiosity, we’ve put together a list of 25 mind-blowing facts that put the world into perspective and show you a new side of every-day topics.

SCIENCE…did you know that

  1. If you align an average person’s DNA molecules, one after the other, you could go from the Sun to Pluto 17 times (Zmescience.com).
  2. The Amazon Rainforests is responsible for 20% of the Earth’s oxygen. An average person takes in 550 liters of pure oxygen every day. (Howitworksdaily.comsharecare.com)
  3. If there was a tunnel going from the top of the Earth to the bottom, it would take around 42 minutes to cross it (urbantimes.co)
  4. Venus experiences metallic snow and sulphuric rains. So far two new metals have been discovered: galena & bismuthinite. (Ebaumsworld.com, emgn.com)
  5. The deepest part of the ocean lies at 11,000 meters bellow sea level. The pressure at the deepest point can reach 8tons per square inch, which is equivalent to an average woman carrying 48 airplanes. (Seawifs.gsfc.nasa.gov)


POLITICS-PEOPLE…did you know that

  1. The CIA established the “Acoustic Kitty” program in the 1960s to spy on Russia. The program entailed installing microphones and other gadgets inside real cats. (All-that-is-interesting.com)
  2. In 2004 former Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev was awarded a Grammy for his voice contribution in the recording of “Peter & The Wolf.” (Grunge.com)
  3. Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn (Thefactsite.com)
  4. The Nazis were the first modern group to start an anti-smoking campaign. (Thefactsite.com)
  5. Hungary got its name from the “Huns” who invaded the area in the first years of the Middle Ages.


ART-TECH…did you know that

  1. Painter and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci could write and paint at the same time. (All-that-is-interesting.com)
  2. Today’s smartphones are more powerful than the computers used in the first moon landing. (percentagecalculator.mes.fm)
  3. Vincent Van Gogh created 900 pieces in his lifetime but only sold 1. (Webdesignschoolsguide.com)
  4. In 2012, the Indian film industry produced 1,602 films compared to 476 produced by the American film industry (forbes.com)
  5. Pablo Picasso’s real name was: Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz Picasso (quora.com)


ECONOMICS-INDUSTRY…did you know that

  1. The world consumes 1.9 billion servings of Coca-Cola beverages every day.(Percentagecalculator.mes.fm)
  2. Apple’s assets equal the GDP of Hungary. (Huffingtonpost.com)
  3. Bill Gates, 61, is the richest man in the world with a net worth of $86 billion. (Forbes.com)
  4. In 2010 the world produced 275M metric tons of plastic, of these around 5-15M metric tons ended up in the ocean. (Time.com)
  5. The world spends around 3 billion hours a week playing videogames (Ted.com)


HISTORY…did you know that

  1. Cleopatra lived closer to the first moon landing than to the construction of the Pyramids of Giza. (Businessinsider.com)
  2. Casualties from the Black Plague round up to 200million (percentagecalculator.mes.fm)
  3. Adolf Hitler’s relatives agreed to never have children so the family would die out once and for all. (Blazepress.com)
  4. In the Middle Ages, myths and stories were fueled after people found dinosaur fossils and took them for dragon remains. (Blazepress.com)
  5. Guatemala was once the capital of the Federal Republic of Central America. (Wikipedia.org)


Interesting, Huh? How many of these facts did you know already?

If you found this post useful, or want to add an interesting fact to the list…please let us know in the comments!


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6 Influential Women Of Our Time

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March is Women’s History Month, and we’ve decided to celebrate it by recognizing some of the most influential women of the century!

From business to politics and sustainability, these women come from all paths of life and corners of the world to tell the same story. Through their work they inspire us to break the stereotypes and treat everyone and everything fairly and with respect.

  1. Michelle Obama – Former U.S. First Lady

    Source: TheSource.com

    Source: TheSource.com

 Michelle dedicated her time at the White House to fight child obesity, promote food security in the USA, give military veterans a proper reintegration and encourage the young to pursue higher education. Thorough her many programs she also launched the “Let Girls Learn” program along President Obama to help girls from all around the world get proper education.

“There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish” (YourTango.com)


  1. Malala Youzafsi – Pakistani Blogger, Women & Girl Rights Activist
Source: Theodysseyonline.com

Source: Theodysseyonline.com

Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala was shot by the Taliban in 2012 for defending women’s right to education. Today she studies, writes and advocates to ensure that women around the world get a proper education. At her young age this Pakistani heroine has created an education fund (Malala Fund), raised awareness against women oppression, help refugees in the Middle East and had a book published.

“When the whole world is silent even one voice becomes powerful” (BuzzFeed.com)



  1. Wangari Maathai – Kenyan Activist and Ecologist
Wangari Maathai

Wangari Maathai

Wangari was a true African heroine. She paved the way for other African females when she became the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize and get a PhD in Biological Sciences. Wangari was also recognized for her great contributions to sustainability and democracy. She defended democracy in Kenya and founded the Green Belt Movement, which led to the plantation of over 30 million trees all over Africa.

“Until you dig a hole, you plant a tree, you water it and make it survive, you haven’t done a thing. You are just talking.” (omgvoice.com)

  1. Yulia Marushevska – Ukrainian Civil Servant & Anticorruption Activist
Source: ccdrl.fsi.stanford.edu

Source: ccdrl.fsi.stanford.edu


In 2014 she starred in the video “I Am a Ukranian” in response to the EuroMaidan protests against dictatorships in Ukraine. Since then she’s been fighting corruption and oppression and has made many public appearances speaking for egalitarian and fairness in government.

“Public servants have limited possibilities. Now we need to understand what we can change, and what we can’t.” (Kyivpost.com)



  1. Anastasia Lin – Chinese-Canadian Beauty Queen & Human Rights Activist
Source: alchetron.com

Source: alchetron.com


Banned from entering China in 2015, Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin has used this as motivation to fight for human rights and religious freedom. Speaking in the Geneva Summit and Oxford Union, Lin has made evident the oppression and torture that the Chinese people suffer. In her speeches, Lin has made a strong call to action to get the international community to fight against injustice and to put human rights before any monetary or economic interest. She insists that every person should be treated with respect and she just wants the Chinese people to be treated as fairly and just as any other person.


      6. Marissa Mayer – American CEO

Source: en.r8lst.com

Source: en.r8lst.com

Visionary Marissa Mayer is an acclaimed businesswoman in the USA. At a young age she became one of the first female CEOs leading a fortune 500 company and before she became Yahoo’s CEO she worked for Google where she helped develop many successful products and create the company’s current image. Apart from breaking stereotypes in the business world she did also in the tech world by graduating with a B.S. in symbolic systems and an MS in computer science and artificial intelligence (biography.com).

“If you push through that feeling of being scared, that feeling of taking risk, really amazing things can happen.” (likesuccess.com















The Skills To Have In This Era

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As the world enter the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, humans must adapt their skill sets to meet future demands. With robots threatening to take over our jobs, we’ve found ourselves in a position to “prove” our potential and to develop valuable competencies no robot could replicate.

Considering research from the World Economic Forum and LinkedIn, let’s take a look at 6 skills you must have to thrive in this era…


  1. Complex Problem Solving

Source: tonex.com

This skill comes hand in hand with human-centered R&D. According to LinkedIn, to solve complex problems you must learn to ask tough questions. Be quick and accurate when framing a problem and learn to evaluate multiple alternatives at the same time.

To solve these types of problems, however, solutions can’t stay on paper. You must prototype as you go and think ahead to be able to scale the solution.

  1. Critical Thinking

Source: Global Digital Citizen Foundation

 We’ve heard so much of critical thinking. Yet, every day you see employees who can crunch the numbers but lack the ability to analyze them. Or people who can read an article but cannot associate the information to draw conclusions.

To think “critically”, individuals must be able to properly conceptualize, apply and evaluate information, to later build well-thought judgments that will guide their actions or beliefs.

To thrive, now we must learn to ask questions about what we do and why we do it. It won’t be enough to crunch the numbers, now we must to draw conclusions from our work and propose courses of action.

  1. Creativity
Source: University of Cambridge

Source: University of Cambridge

 This skill has been incredibly underrated in previous years. Often attributed only to artists and artisans, we lost the real meaning creativity and banished it from the workplace unconsciously.

To be creative in this era means to think outside the box and requires being able to craft many solutions to one problem and to gather information in the least conventional ways.

Creativity, in turn, comes hand in hand with education and eagerness to learn new concepts and not be afraid of failure. Creative individuals often see many possible courses of action for one issue; they are quick thinkers and can achieve a lot using very little.

With new technologies coming out and globalization knocking at our doors, companies need creative thinkers more than ever. And as the World Economic Forum puts it, “robots may help us get to where we want to be faster, but they can’t be as creative as humans (yet).

  1. People Management
Source: PRP Solutions

Source: PRP Solutions

 People management is all about empowering individuals to be the best version of themselves both professionally and personally.

To “manage” your people is to give them access to development opportunities that will unleash their potential and show them the best way to thrive. It is creating an atmosphere or culture that supports employees and challenges them to perform at their best.

Robots can’t yet listen to others and form critical judgment on how to help them thrive. They are not yet fully empathetic or have the ability to coach humans on how to unleash their top potential.

Companies, in turn, are looking for individuals that can transform their teammates into more productive people by effectively attending their human needs.

  1. Emotional Intelligence
Source: Sessioncam.com

Source: Sessioncam.com

 Many believe intellectual intelligence means everything and throw emotional intelligence under the bus.

Truth is, when things get complicated, no matter how smart someone is if that person can’t deal with his emotions, the entire project, task or negotiation can go down.

Emotional intelligence, however, goes beyond controlling your anger or depression. To have a high EQ means your able to detect, control and express your emotions freely. You are not a slave of “how you feel” and you can separate subjective from objective.

On top of this, emotionally intelligent people are able to build better interpersonal relations since they can detect, guide and influence other’s emotions as well as their own.

That said it is no surprise companies are going crazy for people with higher EQs. They want people who can build more objective judgments but won’t lose empathy for others.

       6. Service Orientation

Source: Hotelogix

Source: Hotelogix

 And finally, service. Companies are looking for people that can recognize and meet client’s needs even before clients express them.

These people must be always ready to help and able to draw quick conclusions based on observation and research.

Machines can help us deal with data more accurately but people still hold their place when it comes to “customer service”.


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Where To Do Business In 2017!

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Gathering information from the World Bank, Forbes, Telegraph and the World Economic Forum, we’ve shortlisted 5 countries you must pay attention to in 2017.

Expert economists ranked these countries as the most “business friendly” so far, based on factors such as tax regulations, corruption levels, investor protection, infrastructure, property rights, entrepreneurial opportunities, credit, solvency and trade.

So, without further due: 2017’s countries to watch…

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand has been chosen #1 by many economic entities due to its economic and political stability, lack of red tape, low corruption levels and close proximity to the Asian economies.

According to the New Zealand Government, incorporating a business in NZ takes only a day and registering property takes no more than two.

New Zealand ranked #1 for protecting minority investors in the World Bank’s “Ease of Doing Business” in and is acclaimed for having an investor-friendly tax system that values capital development, international investment and research.

  1. Denmark

 Low corruption levels and high transparency rates make Denmark a very attractive country to invest in.

The World Bank considers Denmark one of the most business-friendly countries for its incredibly qualified work force, the ease to set up businesses and get work permits and it’s increased interest in clean technology.

Denmark is also offers great access to the European market, a great environment to develop as people, top-notch infrastructure and low corporate taxes compared to other nations in Europe.

  1. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is an incredible hub for investors from all over the world. With a fast growing GDP, the World Bank considers the UK #7 in the Ease of Doing Business.

According to the report, the UK offers smooth service when dealing with construction permits, it offers great infrastructure for business, high protection to minority investors and a business-friendly tax system.

Recently, through the “UK Trade & Investment” report, the UK Government committed to creating the most competitive tax regime in the G20.

The UK also has a leading position when it comes to FDI and assisting new investors with market research, stakeholder management, industry alliances and building market share.

  1. Sweden


Sweden is a great place to do business not only because it offers a great atmosphere to develop professionally and personally but also because it empowers entrepreneurs to innovate, research and develop.

Sweden offers low corporate taxes (22% on net profits), great infrastructure for business, ease to register property and it ranks #15 globally for starting a business.

Sweden is also the largest market in North Europe and, like Denmark; it is filled with a highly qualified workforce.

  1. Canada


 Canada offers it all: place where true life-work balance is possible, great opportunities to start your own business, financial and political stability and friendly tax systems.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ranked Canada’s workforces as the most highly educated amongst members of the OECD. And this, in turn, has attracted business from all over the world. Now Canada is working towards agreements that will give those who invest there, great access to both American and European markets.

Offering steady growth and few obstacles for investment, Canada has become one of the friendliest countries when it comes to business.



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