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Business English

Learning through Oxford's Business Result Books & IBA Method

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For every satisfactorily completed level (5 in total), an IBA Diploma is awarded. Every level has 2 exams, a mid-term and a final. The final score is determined by:

  • Attendance
  • Written exam
  • Oral exam
  • Participation
  • Homework

Each level takes 80 hours.

We have textbooks for different industries. Contact us for more information.


Oxford’s Business Result Program for adults & geared towards businessinternational business academy oxford business result books

Practice English with real case studies that use real companies; the degree of depth and difficulty increases as you advance through the program.

Learn English in a practical manner! Acquire and apply knowledge that can be used in any professional field.

Never written an email in English, or not sure what degree of formality is expected? Our program comes integrated with practical applications!



For example, for the pre-intermediate level you learn the basics of a formal email, and an informal email. 

vocabulario ingles para emails


Taking you to 'that' level of success

With our business English training. Learn about our plans, packages and schedules!