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Who We Are

Business English training for professionals

Regardless of the industry we work in, English proficiency has become a requirement. The majority of us have acquired a basic working knowledge of the language in school. Despite understanding it well, we feel uncertain when it comes to expressing ourselves. If you find yourself in this situation, International Business Academy is here to help you!

International Business Academy trains Business English for professionals that need English for work. This concept is known as Corporate Training. We have over 13 years of experience training more than 20,000 highly successful executives in over 150 companies. This experience has lead IBA to become a renowned Corporate English Training institution.

Flexible Classes

With today’s fast paced lifestyle, successful managers and executives cannot always plan their weeks without taking into account unforeseen events. At IBA, we understand that, and we thrive to provide content and schedule flexibility in order to meet each person’s need. In addition to our at-home or at-office classes, we’ve developed classes that can be taken in any part of the world so that your classes can be taken without any interruption. Our courses can be taken in person, online, through videoconferencing, via telephone, or even chat!


Personal Classes

In addition to flexible schedules and accessibility, we also provide personalized content so that the training is oriented towards your learning objectives. Regardless of the type of chosen class, your Personal Trainer will assess and guide you so that you can achieve your objectives in an efficient and entertaining manner.


Effective Classes

Our methodology is based on the the IBA method which we developed in conjunction with our trainers, who will provide you with the necessary preparation based on everyday situations. More importantly, our trainers will prepare you for your next meeting, your next trip, or next presentation in the most effective manner possible.

Meet Our Team The Best Team.

Trevor Clayton/President & Founder

Trevor is the Founder and President of International Business Academy. His passion is personal coaching. In Canada, he has trained professionals for the Justice system. Since 2005, he has worked discreetly and personally with many CEO's and politicians, and is a trusted adviser to many embassies and unions in Guatemala.

Falon Gereliza Vásquez/General Manager

Falon has been part of the IBA team since November 2005. She has moved her way up to the General Manager and is responsible for local operations. She is the first contact between the clients and the company, and she strives to followup on each client's needs. She also attends corporate meetings in the capacity of International Business Academy's representative.

Danny Cercelaru/Training Manager

Starting initially as a Junior Trainer, Danny has been working for IBA since 2006 . He describes himself as a dedicated, resourceful, and goal-driven professional trainer with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every student at all learning levels. With over 8 years of teaching experience, Danny is also committed to creating a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and encouraging to students. He is now the Training Manager, and his goal is to create different methods of instruction and make a commitment to finding ways of meeting the needs of each student.

José León/Mentor

José León studied human resources and has been part of IBA's team since October 2015. Since then, José has dedicated his time by consulting others to progress in the English language. His classes include all levels from beginners to advanced. He has also taught Spanish working with international organizations. His dedication to helping young Guatemalans improve their level of English in order to be able to work in the Call Center & BPO industry has been unmeasurable. Amidst his clients we can mention Alcosa Guatemala, DeRoyal Guatemala, Guatemala DUWEST amongst others. He is an enthusiastic person with positive attitude.

Yessica Ruiz/Mentor

Yessica is a person committed to her work, she likes challenges and new projects, she has the facility to interact with different types of people. He has 5 years of experience teaching English as a foreign language especially for adults. She is a professional in the field of linguistics and translation, both free and sworn, she has also developed as a mission interpreter and budget coordinator for charity and sustainability projects in various places in Guatemala. With a career in leading institutions such as Bayer and USAID, he has experience to promote language development that he intends to teach not only at a high level, but also gives useful knowledge for daily life. Expert in providing solutions for the management of a foreign language in a specific and general field, analyst, innovator, researcher, face challenges and easily adapts to any work environment. Has the ability to solve problems and achieve proposed goals.

Mildred Ruiz/Mentor

With more than 15 years of teaching experience at all levels, including 3 years in an educational entity in United States, Mildred has enjoyed the challenge which represents being a mentor to professionals and young adults who seek to improve their abilities and skills of the English language to be able to enter or progress to the competitive business labor market. "I believe that learning and mastering a foreign language is the gateway to work and professional overcoming "

Bob Hammerton/Mentor

Retiring from a successful career as a Manufacturing Manager, Bob has been an English instructor for over 6 years. "This is a wonderful way to keep active and have a great sense of accomplishment. My classes range from business English to visa test preparation and coaching for presentations. I teach all levels of business English and English. My students get a great "work out" each class - we have fun while we learn - the key is they learn and can be proud that they meet their objectives of mastering a second language.."

George Monroy/Mentor

George is an engineering professional with sound administrative experience that enables him to deal effectively with Business English. His teaching experience exceeds seven years in dealing with group and private classes with executives from international companies such as Bayer, Rayovac, BDO, Kellogg’s, Amway, Pepsi, and JCDecaux, among others, as well as providing Spanish tutoring for foreign executives and acting as examiner at the British Embassy.

Ingrid Marroquín/Mentor

Ingrid has been an ESL teacher for almost 15 years. After completing her degree in Educational Psychology, she later received her teaching degree from the Universidad Panamericana in Guatemala City. For the last 4 years, she has been part of the Destination Imagination program, as the Team Manager and Appraiser, where she she had the opportunity to take one of her teams to the Annual Global Final Tournament in Tennessee. Igrid says, “Teaching has lead my life into unexpected and cherished moments and memories.”

Pablo Montenegro/Mentor

After successfully finishing his schooling and living in the United Kingdom for over a year, Pablo has been a teaching instructor for the past five years. "Teaching teens and now adults, my sessions are focused on the real use of the English language in an everyday work environment. As an Industrial Engineering student and an entrepreneur, I look forward to sharing what I know and also learning from my trainees"

Gabriela Cabrera/Mentor

Gabriela has a degree in Communication Sciences and has been part of IBA since October 2015. As a publicist and entrepreneur, she works in digital marketing and produces multimedia products for different companies. She considers English language is one of the most important professional skills nowadays. Gabriela decided to become an English mentor with the purpose of sharing and encouraging others to master this necessary work tool. Learning English could give people better access to more opportunities and as a result achieve greater professional growth. By being and adult mentor, Gaby`s classes seek learning not only through texts but specially through educational activities and games that awaken the love of learning. Gaby is convinced that "It is never too late to learn another language, and there is no age limit for self-improvement".

Angie Agreda/Mentor

Angie has a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management. She has worked with all types of students over the last 15 years, from toddlers to teenagers and adults. Since 2008, she has been training representatives from several prominent companies such as Bayer, Beiersdorf, IRTRA, Kellogg's, Fundazucar, Brenntag in addition to providing In-House classes at the IBA office. She has also worked as a Spanish teacher and course instructor for students preparing to take the ELASH, IELTS, and TOEFL exams.

Joaquín Hernández/Mentor

After retiring from a long career in finance and administration, and realizing that English is a very important factor for success, Joaquin decided to become an ESL Teacher in order to share his love for the language, his professional experience and help others to improve their capabilities for personal and professional growth. Having received his certificate as an ESL Teacher, he has been teaching English for three years. In this time he has seen how people ́s life changes when they learn English. In his training sessions Joaquin usually combines his business education and work experience to get a more realistic environment for the trainees.

Ana Lissette Valdéz/Mentor

She is an enthusiastic person who enjoys challenges and achieving personal goals. With more than 7 years of experience teaching English, at different levels, from children, to teenagers and adults. She has worked one-on-one or with small groups in different English subjects and French. Oriented to children with different learning disabilities, such as ADD or ADHD. Assessing student needs, identifying weak areas and monitoring student performance.

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