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Goodbye, 2014!

Goodbye, 2014!

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Most searched events of 2014, provided by Google Trends.


World cup, games with the highest search spike.

– Brazil vs. Germany

– Netherlands vs. Argentina

– Brazil vs Croatia

james rodriguez

Top trending players

– James Rodriguez

– Luis Suárez

– Ángel Di María

– Tim Howard

– Toni Kroos


During the Chile-Brazil game, Chileans used the phrase ‘más nervioso que…’ (more nervous than…) 4x before Chile’s defeat.



Most popular games during the Sochi Games

– Ice hockey

– Curling

– Figure skating


During the games, ‘ice hockey’ was more searched than ‘vanilla ice’, ‘ice cube’, ‘iced tea’ and ‘Iceland’ combined.


Champions trend | ‘Real madrid’ was searched 5x more than the Superbowl winners, the Seahawks.


Most searched Games

– ‘IPL’ (Indian premiere league)

– ‘Superbowl’

-‘Champions league’


Breaking News

– Ebola:  Searches for ebola were 75x higher in October compared to March

– The disappearance of Malaysia Airline MH370 also caused a stir in searches.


The five most asked questions about Ebola

– What is Ebola?

– How does Ebola spread?

– How do you get Ebola?

– Where did Ebola come from?

– What are the symptoms of Ebola?


 What, How, Where’s

– How to kiss was searched more than how to survive.

– ‘Where am I’ is the world’s most asked questions.


Selfies, the rise of the ‘boys selfie tips’

– ‘boys selfie tips’ and ‘mens selfie tips’ was a popular search compared to hardly no searches for ‘girls selfie tips’.




Retro games

– games from the 90’s make a comeback with a 20x spike in ’90s computer games’


‘game for girls’ was searched for more than ‘games for kids’ or ‘games for boys’.


Mobile life

– ‘ add reminder’ in January 2014 trended as a new phone functionality

– ‘wearable technology’ saw 3x rise

– drones was another popular search topic

– Along with wearable tech, Go Pro videos are also a popular search topic (‘Shark’ take the lead)

shark go pro



– For 2014, there was 21x  more interest in crowdfunding compared to 2013


Top crowdfunding projects

– Oculus rift  (virtual reality headset)

– Star citizen (space trading and combat simulator)

– Hoverboard (Inspired by Back to the Future- a real one was created using magnets)


oculus rift

Top crowdfunding sites

– Kickstarter

– Indiegogo

– Crowdfunder


Top searched ideas (for all of you looking for an invention)

– Time machine

– Jetpack

– Replicator

– Flying car

– Teleporter


potato salad

Potato salad on kickstarter’ gets $55,000

Zack Brown’s request for $10 to help make a potato salad became the year’s largest search trend around crowdfunding. What’s more, it was the only trending search to feature the phrase ‘potato salad.’

“While our little internet joke will one day be forgotten, the impact will be felt forever.”

After unintentionally setting off a storm, Brown used the $55,000 raised to help reduce homelessness in his local area. He also founded PotatoStock, a free concert held in Columbus, Ohio.


robin williams


– Robin Williams had the greatest increase in search than any person in 2014

– Maya Angelou and  Joan Rivers also spiked.


goji berries


– 2013 was about kale and quinoa, while 2014 was about chia seeds and goji berries.



– Through the Middle East and Easter Europe turmoil this year, the ‘history of gaza’ and ‘history of crimea’ saw a 14x spike in searches.



The complete search Trends in Google.


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