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How to Gain Employee Trust in 3 Ways

Trust and Success Go Hand in Hand

How to Gain Employee Trust in 3 Ways

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Let’s face it, a company’s success relies on its employees. Without a fantastic team, success will fall behind. It’s easy to speak about successful teams, but the real value comes from building true teams across departments.

Here are three basic things to consider in order to build strong teams.

ONE: Transparency

Nothing is more noxious than smoke and secrets. When you are transparent with your employees or team members; work will get done more efficiently as doubt will not stifle productivity. Trust your team members with information, and be clear about what is expected of them and you will see your employee’s happiness level increase as well.

TWO: Clear KPI’s

As with the previous point, a clear expectation by establishing Key Performance Indicators early on will aid in team productivity. Either benchmark them, or create new ones to benchmark in the future. What’s important here is that these KPI’s are communicated to each of the team members so that they know what is expected of them; and in turn, how they can go above and beyond.

THREE: Voice

As with all happy relationships, communication goes both ways. It’s important to make your employees or team mates to feel like they have a voice. A voice that will allow them to voice their concerns, and also provide valuable data that will help improve processes or provide insight into aspects of the business that is only visible to the person executing the task.


With a start of a new year, this is the perfect time to start implementing these builds!

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