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How to Talk to a Graphic Designer?

How to Talk to a Graphic Designer?

Trevor 2 comments

It’s all about communicating effectively. Avoid poor outcomes that arise from poor communication skills. Save time & unnecessary headaches.

When talking about designs, it is particularly hard due to the creative process involved. So to prevent misunderstanding, conflicts and overall frustration realize that as the client, you are just as responsible as the designer for the final product, so stick to useful feedback.

Early and Often Feedback

Nothing is more frustrating for designers (and most people) than asking for a completely different concept when the project is nearing its end. Make sure you make all your corrections frequently and as early as possible, enabling the designer to go back to the drawing table with a clear direction. Also make sure you go over all the corrections in order to eliminate implicit approvals. Although possibly tedious at first, in the end, it will save time.

Avoid Vagueness

Don’t say you don’t like something and leave it at that. Either explain why you don’t like it, or make a suggestion on how you think it would be better. “It looks a little off…” means absolutely nothing because the criticism isn’t clear, and neither is the direction.

Improvements vs. Mistakes

Although designers are expected to have thick skin to withstand criticism, using tact to communicate is still more efficient than being harsh. Instead of saying “This font is ugly”, try “I would like to use a different font here”. A good relationship will always elicit a better result.

Let the Designer be the Designer

It’s only natural to have suggestions; however, there is also a possibility that the designer has already considered it. Ask your designer the reasoning behind their choices and it will allow you to see what your designer is thinking, as well as the limitations of your project. Next time you receive a proposal that is not aligned with your original vision, don’t discard it immediately, take the time to evaluate the designed fully before making corrections.


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noviembre 10, 2014 at 7:53 am

I think the key here it “communication”… talk, discuss, go over and talk about it again…! but as stated previously, try expressing your comments clearly and tactfully…!


noviembre 10, 2014 at 10:07 am


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