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Making Monday Meetings Less Painful

Making Monday Meetings Less Painful

Trevor 3 comments

Monday Meetings are important to align the team members with the weekly objectives and status checks. Although these are important things, as a manager, supervisor or coordinator one has to assess the real cost-benefit of meetings.

When you have a meeting, you might think that the cost is just 1-hour from the work day. The reality of the matter is that the real cost is 1-hour times the number of participants in the meeting. So for a meeting with 8 people total, you are using 8 hours of company time instead of the perceived hour.

How do you make meetings more efficient?

1. Only have meetings with the relevant people. If a person proves to be non-essential for a particular meeting, then there is no reason to include them.

2. A 1-hour meeting is not required. Although all our appointment tools are segmented into 15-30-45-60 minute blocks, it doesn’t necessarily mean that meetings have to fit within that time frame. It’s ok to have a 10 minute if the objective is achieved.

3. Have a clear agenda defined. Don’t call a meeting without knowing what the meeting is going to be about. Have the issues ready to be discussed.

4. Avoid tangents. Although, important matters might arise during the meeting; it might be completely unrelated to the stipulated agenda and the ‘right’ people might not even be in the room. In this case, just acknowledge the issue, define a date and the people that will be in charge of addressing it and move on.

5. Finish off with recapping objectives and responsibilities.

Check out this TedxMidwest where the speaker, Jason Fried, lays down a whole different idea about work. If you want a recap on the video, you might want to go to the “Where does work really happen?” article.

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octubre 30, 2014 at 1:30 pm

The point 4 is really important. I would suggest to have one person taking notes druing each meeting and sharing the document with the team afterwards. That helps a lot too.


octubre 30, 2014 at 1:45 pm

It is important to what is agreed in a meeting that it is executed!


octubre 30, 2014 at 3:34 pm

That’s actually a fantastic suggestion that I have forgotten to include. ‘Minute reports’ are incredibly useful; designating one person to fulfill the reporting duties is vital and will ensure that everyone is on the same page. In a minute report you include the time, date and the people participating, as well as, what was discussed during the meeting and the solutions given. But most importantly, it should reflect a clear ‘to-do-list’ or an ‘objectives to be met’ checklist.

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