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Practice Business Data Interpretation

Practice will take you one step closer to 'that' level of success

Practice Business Data Interpretation

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The true test of Business English understanding lies in accurate data interpretation and fluency. Understanding English by itself is, of course, a great advantage; but the true key to achieving success is understanding English in context. Have a go at the following practice questions. In your opinion, are they difficult or easy peasy?


Mentoring Business English Practice | International Business Academy Guatemala

Answer: B. approachable 

Positive leadership stems from the ‘likability’ factor, and the key component is ‘approachability’. The more approachable you are in business, the better you will relate with your coworkers or employees.


Mentoring Business English Practice Weather | International Business Academy Guatemala

Answer: Monday or Friday. 

There’s a possibility of rain on Wednesday and Thursday, so those two days are our of the question. Tuesday is right in the middle of the week and would be needlessly disruptive for the company workflow. Monday and Friday are good options because they are near the weekend and would be the least disruptive.

Saturday would also be a possibility if the company decides to hold business activities during the weekend; however, this is up to each individual company.


Mentoring Business English Graph interpretation | International Business Academy Guatemala

Answer: Decreased

The gray triangle that indicates the mos recent year is lower than the year previous to that (yellow).


Mentoring Business English Graph interpretation | International Business Academy Guatemala

Answer: Graph is confusing, so both answers are possible. 

False: If you focus on the ‘color key’ alone it would seem as thought he ‘blue’ for Returning visit is less, which renders the statement false.

True: If you look at the numeric values (blue 75, orange 60), it would seem as though that this is an overlapping chart, and there are more returning visits than new visits.

Conclusion: The best advice is to avoid confusing charts.


Mentoring Business English Chart interpretation | International Business Academy Guatemala

Answer: A. 860

70% of 1227 is close to 860 people; 370 people is close to 30% and 1127 people is 100%.

Did you find this questions easy or hard? Let us know in the comments below!

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