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International Business Academy Guatemala | Starting 2017 Successfully

Starting 2017 Successfully

Trevor No Comments

The new year is upon us and with that it means that it’s time to set the goals we’ll accomplish in the next 365 days. Most New Year’s Resolutions are set at the beginning of the year, but are quickly forgotten in the next few weeks.

Since there are many facets to our lives, the best way to establish goals for the year is for each dimension. One for our business or work, one for personal achievement, one for the social landscape, one for our relationship dimension, etc. In order to ensure that we accomplish all our objectives, maybe what we need is a new perspective on New Year’s Resolutions:

1. 100 –Day Plan

First coined in Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930’s to measure the effectiveness of his presidency, it is now a commonly used milestone across presidencies in various countries. In the same manner, while setting your 2017’s goals consider what the milestone or short term goal will be on the first hundred days. By the time mid-April rolls by you will be able to feel a sense of accomplishment or make the necessary adjustments to put your objective back on track.

2. Declutter

Although a busy desk is a sign of a busy mind, it is always helpful to improve your workspace by decluttering. If there are papers and documents that are no longer needed, shred it. If you are doing this on a company wide scale, dedicate a big portion of a slow workday to throw out all irrelevant documents and files that are just taking up space.

3. Remove toxic people

If you wanted to fire somebody, stop delaying and do it while following legal procedure. This is also applicable for your personal life; if there is somebody that always strays you away from your goals negatively, it’s time to move away from therm.

Whichever your goal, this will be the year that you accomplish them all.


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