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3 Gmail Tools That Will Boost Your Productivity for Free

Trevor 5 comments

Canned Responses 

Do you get similar emails that require similar answers quite frequently? Well, instead of typing the reply emails over and over again, Gmail offers a Lab feature that will allow you to save ‘pre-written responses’ to make your life easier.

How to turn on Canned Responses

– In your gmail, go to the settings page by selecting the gear on the top right corner

– Go to the ‘Labs’ Tab

– Search for Canned Responses

– Enable the Lab feature and Save your Changes.


To create a Canned Response

This feature will save your email as is; so, it would be best to start with a new email. Simply write your ‘pre-written reply’ and select the drop down arrow in the bottom-right corner of your compose window.

From there, select ‘canned responses’ followed by ‘new canned response’. Create a name for the type of response you’ve just created, and that’s it! This will be the last time you’ll have to write the same email over and over again.


To use canned responses

I labeled my canned response as ‘Feedback’. When I receive an email that warrants it, I’d go to the drop down arrow in the bottom right corner and select the appropriate canned response.



Stop sending emails past midnight. This Gmail add-on can schedule your emails to be sent at a later time.

The coolest thing though, is the ‘Boomerang’ feature. Don’t want to deal with a certain email at the moment but don’t want to forget about it completely? Enable the boomerang feature, and have the email return to your  inbox in your stipulated time frame. But that’s not all, you can turn on the boomerang for emails that have not received any reply in, say, 2 days; basically, any unanswered email will return to the top of your inbox if no one replies to it.




Are you in HR? Rapportive will show you the sender’s linkedin profile within your Gmail. Instead of seeing gmail ads, you will get the linkedin profile from the sender. Quick, easy references that will make your life so much easier.