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6 Online Learning Platforms for Business!

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No matter where you are in your professional life, it is never too late to keep learning.

Every day new trends, tools and methods come out to help businesses and professionals take a step forward, and that includes you! . That’s why we’ve put together a short list of six great online learning platforms for business to help you choose and jump ahead of the curve!

  1. HubSpot Academy

If you’re interested in learning more about marketing, sales and design this is the platform for you. Apart from offering a great variety of free and paid certifications, HubSpot gives participants access to a broad network of collaborators and connects certified individuals with potential employers

  1. Alison

From customer service to human resources and project management, Alison offers more than 800 courses that can be completed within hours and at no cost.

  1. edX

 edX courses were designed to provide you with the best professional and master level education online. In collaboration with great American and Australian universities, you can complete advanced courses in a few weeks whilst being taught by actual university professors and paying as little as $150 per certificate. EdX courses are internationally recognized by companies and can be used as credit to accelerate your Masters degree!

Source: blog.knowbe4.com

Source: blog.knowbe4.com

  1. Coursera

 Bringing knowledge from some of the best universities in the USA, Coursera can train you in anything from data science to game theory and Buddhism. Anything you need to learn to advance your business or career can be found in Coursera, taught by professionals and at reasonable prices. Although these certificates don’t represent credit hours from the participating university, they are great resume boosters and would look amazing in your LinkedIn profile!

  1. Lynda

 As they announce it on their website, Lynda offers more than 5000 courses in business, tech and creative skills taught by industry experts. To start you can either sign up for a free trial or you can go ahead and take the premium option (starting at $29.99) to get instant access to all the knowledge. Also, in partnership with LinkedIn, Lynda offers training programs for companies, ensuring a better learning rate for all your employees!

  1. Google For Entrepreneurs

 Ideal for start-ups and small businesses, Google for Entrepreneurs brings together lessons, tools and networks to get your business up and running. With most products being free, this is the place to go to get all the resources you need regarding data analysis, digital marketing, research and communications.

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5 Ways Learning Another Language Can Boost Your Career

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In the corporate world, globalization has opened the door to bigger deals, new partnerships and increased business opportunities across the globe. That is why; employers are desperately looking for candidates with the right business and communication skills to keep their companies globally competitive.

If you find this interesting and want to become one of these highly desired candidates, here is how learning a new language can take you there:


  1. Learning Another Language Boosts Your Critical Thinking & Negotiation Skills


When you learn another language you are introduced to a new set of concepts and rules that push your brain to readjust the way you think and see things.

The results of readjustment, in turn, are unbelievable. Thanks to all the hours you spent strategizing, reading and memorizing, your brain became faster and more effective at associating, retaining and communicating key information.

Research shows that people who are bilingual find it easier to handle lots of information at the same time and come to punctual conclusions very fast, making them excellent analyzers and top-notch negotiators.

        2.  Bilingualism Means A Bridge To New Opportunities

 Employers love to see CVs that display more than one language because they know what this represents bigger opportunities.

As Carlotta Stephens from Maine-Tucker Consultants would put it:

“Global organizations always look favorably on candidates with a second language because these individuals can be the link between regional offices, and ensure a good flow of communication. This also means [companies] can get exposure to projects [they] wouldn’t normally be involved in”.

When you are bilingual, you become more open to learn from others, share your knowledge and take on more risks. Ideal for employers!

3. Learning New Languages Increase Your Customer Service Skills

 Carlotta Stephens also said that “international clients will report a far stronger service if you can speak to them in their language.”

Speaking the clients’ language shows commitment and inspires trust. It also allows for better understanding amongst parties and higher chances to establish loyalty.

Learning a new language can boost your career by making you the one who can create strong bonds between the company and the clients. And, If your job brings a lot of customer satisfaction, then get ready for a good promotion.


4. Bilingualism Widens Your World View

As Zack Simmons would write in his Article “Can Learning A New Language Boost Your Creativity?“:

 “bilinguals are necessarily exposed to cultures, customs, and beliefs distinctive from their own, thus forcing them to see the world in a new perspective.”

In a flatter world, you need more open minded workers; people who can easily understand and adapt to their international partners/clients’ points of view.

Learning another language, allows you to immerse yourself in how other think and see the world, hence making it easier for you to build relationships, strike deals and successfully grow your company in other countries.

5. Learning New Languages Build Self-Confidence

And finally, research shows that learning a foreign language boosts self-confidence. All right! Acquiring new skills, building new relationships and becoming a more eligible option for top-notch jobs empowers you and makes you feel better about yourself.

And who gets the promotions? The individual that is both capable and confident to perform the job.

You can argue that learning a language requires a lot of time, commitment and money. But nowadays with all the technology available, this has become a myth. You can learn a language in your smartphone while you’re in traffic or play mix & match games with words and concepts. In the best cases you can also get personalized online classes! Or take free courses offered by cool international and local institutions in your country.

To learn a new language you just need to want it and the rest will follow! So take a big step towards a better future and give it a try.


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