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Is Social Media Killing Your Job Opportunities?

Trevor 7 comments

By now you should have Googled yourself at least once. If you haven’t done it, you definitely should. A simple search will reveal all the online information you have unknowingly shared throughout the years.  94% of Recruiters use social media to recruit (2013), a substantial increase from 78% in 2008.


– Start by searching for yourself, this will show everything a Recruiter will see. Did something pop-up that you don’t want Recruiters to see? It’s time to look-over your online persona, and make sure it’s up to par with the impression you want to give.


– Review your privacy settings, make sure that your updates are not public and are limited to your friends only. On a side note, if your current employer is in your list of friends, it would be wise to change their permissions to “Restricted” so that they can only see things that you share publicly.

– Eliminate past ‘public’ posts by going to your privacy settings and under “Who can see my stuff?” locate the third option “limit the audience for posts you’ve shared with friends of friends or public” and choose “Limit Past Posts”.


– Update your profile and ensure that it’s completed in its totality.

– Ask for recommendations and endorsements

– Add your LinkedIn Profile to your CV


– Remember that Twitter has no privacy setting; everything you share is readily available to the world.

– Connect with peers, industry influences, and experts.


– Start a blog and create unique content that helps you stand out from the crowd.


Things to Avoid: Don’t post about…

Illegal Drug Usage: 83% of recruiters report a negative reaction

Sexual posts: 70% of recruiters report a negative reaction

Profanity: 65% of recruiters report a negative reaction

Gun References: 50% of recruiters report a negative reaction

– However, 65% of the recruiters remain neutral towards overtly political posts.


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Still don’t think Social Media is important?

– LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter continue to be the most used channels by recruiters. Although there’s an increased adoption of specialized and localized social networks such as GitHub, Yammer, Stackoverflow, Pinterest and Instagram.

– Recruiters use Linked in 93% of the time to search, contact and keep tabs on candidates in the hiring process.

– Recruiters continue to use social media even after sourcing and contacting candidates ( 18% use Twitter and 25% use Facebook to vet candidates after the interview process).

– 43 % of employees from referrals and company pages stay longer than 3 years, while only 14% of job board hires stay longer than three years.


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