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10 Tips To Improve Customer Loyalty

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In an time where customer is “king” company’s must pay a more attention to the way  they treat, learn and engage with their customers.

To help you, we’ve put together a list of 10 tips that will guide your organization towards ultimate customer care, hoping you never loose a customer again!

  1. Make it Personal

Almost anyone who is in customer care will advise you to “get to know your clients.”

Showing authentic interest in their needs and developing client-centered solutions will make your clients feel they have a mutually benefiting relationship with your brand, which in turn will keep them always committed to you.

  1. Praise their loyalty

 When someone engages in a relationship with your brand, they trust you will value their choice.

If you haven’t done yet, build a loyalty program. Devote time and resources to thank your clients for trusting you and keep reminding them how important they are for your company.

Feeling appreciated is one of the greatest factors that make people come back to your company.

  1. Be Transparent

Loyalty is built on trust. That said, it is crucial that you always communicate to your clients the information that directly affects them.

If you are raising money, for example, tell them where the money is really going. If you are a distributor, be honest about who your providers are, etc.

Transparency is about being honest and delivering on your promises. And about being consistent on what you offer and what you actually do or give.

To communicate your decisions or results with clients, you can choose reports, social media, webpage or focus groups.

  1. Respond Kindly to Bad Reviews

 People can be rude when they are angry. The key is not to focus on the “bad language” but the actual problem that triggered it. try to leave your feelings out of the response.

Experts from the Entrepreneur.com, recommend that you answer promptly and politely and offer your assistance without “over promising”. Sometimes a nice “I’m here to assist you” will ease their anger and make them happy again.

  1. Take The Necessary Time to Help

If your client has a problem don’t rush it. Try to listen to what he/she needs and then do everything in your power to fix it (even when it doesn’t’ make sense or sounds very dumb).

People tend to feel more appreciated when you show true interest in fixing their problem than when you do something really fast but wrong.

So remember…. doing it right is better than doing it quick.

  1. Say Hello, Goodbye and Thank You

 Common courtesy shouldn’t be a thing of the past. When you greet someone kindly you instantly set the right tone and give way to the conversation that can lead to a relationship.

Thanking your customers for their business and wishing them well is also a great way to make them feel welcome and appreciated, making them more likely to come back.

  1. Follow-Up Constantly

 Clients like to know they’re on your mind and agenda. Try to follow up with them after a purchase or deal to see if they are pleased with their product/service, or if they need anything else to maximize their experience.

  1. Keep Learning From Your Clients

Although customer surveys can be a bit daunting, they are a great way to keep learning. Ask them how they feel with your current products/services, what they would like to see or get from you and even how their shipping experience was.

When clients are consulted they feel like an important part of your decision-making process and in turn more connected to your brand.

  1. Offer Solutions You Know They Need

 When talking to your clients don’t be afraid to offer solutions they didn’t ask for. Sometimes they are looking for something and they don’t know how to ask.

Offering solutions lets clients know you brand cares about their needs and is genuinely interested in serving them.

  1. Enjoy The Process

 Learning with and about your customers is a never-ending process that’s why you should find a way to make if fun.

If your resources allow plan fun focus groups or customer events. Innovate the way you conduct surveys, add creativity to how you approach or thank your clients!

It’s a job you must do, so why not enjoy it?


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