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Is Augmented Reality The Future Of Business And Marketing?

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Imagine if you could bring all your marketing material to life, giving clients the opportunity to try your products on their phone.

Thanks to augmented reality live business is now a possibility. Easy and convenient, clients need only a phone to scan the pages of a catalog and superimpose virtual images over their own reality.

If you think this approach is too “far-fetched” I invite you to take a look at Pokémon Go, the app that reached 100M downloads in the span of weeks. Surpassing Twitter and Snapchat, users and experts both accredit the app’s success to augmented reality, which combines: real-virtual experiences, mobile friendliness and nostalgia.


  1. Real-Virtual Experiences

People love Pokémon Go because it takes them from being “watchers” to active “participants”. By imposing the virtual world of Pokémon over the user’s real surroundings, fans can finally know what is like to be a Pokémon master.

Now, imagine if you applied the same principle to your business. You could easily increase purchases by enabling customers to visualize how your product would look on them or in their home.

If you are a real state company, why not transforming your 2D images into 3D interactive experiences? Or, in the case of a clothing store why not let people try your virtual collections on their real bodies? just like Styliff did:

  1. Mobile Friendliness

When they launched Pokémon Go, Niantic and Nintendo understood their target market. The kids that loved Pokémon and waited 20 years for its return are today’s millennial. The generation that can’t live without technology.

To attract the new generation of buyers, I suggest you digitalize your marketing materials and make them mobile friendly. Allow your content to fit an iPhone screen and tailor it to be short, practical and shareable.

As the following image from Insperity shows, the best way to get to your new markets is through tech…

  1. Nostalgia

And lastly, Pokémon Go succeeded because it appealed  to people’s emotions. First, the app brought something that was old and cherished and made it new again. And second, the game focused on bringing back familiar faces from 1998.

Augmented reality can help your business play nostalgia by imposing the past over the future, creating a dual-reality that mixes old and new. It can adapt memories to fit new technology and use the power of familiarity & active participation to attract new customers.

So, in the end, what does augmented reality mean for business? It means a better way to attract, engage, and retain loyal customers. It attracts because it lets people access new worlds easily, it engages because it blends business and customer realities, and it retains because it can go directly to people’s hearts.


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The Top 10 Presentation Softwares For Business

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Thanks to slideshow presentations, transmitting impactful (and effective) messages has become easier and more accessible to business professionals. Offering cutting-edge visuals and creative features, slideshows can help you transform complex information into simple concepts, making your lecture more attractive and memorable to the audience.

To help you build a stunning presentation we’ve come up with a list of the top 10 presentation apps in the web! Hoping you will find the right one for you and your business.


  1. GoogleSlides

All you need to access GoogleSlides is a Google account. Then, you can enjoy a wide variety of themes, templates and features for free. (Extra storage starts at $1.99/month for 100GB)

Offering hundreds of fonts and media embedment options, this app is incredibly useful for business presentations. Allowing real-time collaboration and providing your team with many tools to organize information neatly and efficiently!


  1. Canva

Canva is ideal for the out-of-the-box professional who understands the power of visuals. With an immense stock image library and stunning info graphics and fonts, Canva lets you to create impactful masterpieces in easy steps. And, above all, this software is offered for free to the public with some backgrounds starting as low as $1.


  1. PowerPoint Online

Remember PowerPoint? Stylish and traditional, this software offers great templates, a wide collection of drawing tools and slide transition options for every taste. Offered for free, this software is compatible with Microsoft Office and synchronizes your work to OneDrive, which allows multiple-collaboration using a single PowerPoint license.


  1. Keynote

Oh Keynote! This software is every Mac owner’s new best friend. Known for delivering neat, beautiful and incredibly energetic presentations, Keynote offers a wide variety of themes and designs. Including cutting-edge graphics, an immense font library and pre-set templates for everyone. You can get this software online for free or choose one of many competitive packages.


  1. Slidebean

Simple and fast, Slidebean takes your content and transforms it into beautiful slides automatically. Meaning you can create investor and pitch decks in no time! This software also allows for real-time collaboration and includes great features for business such as clean fonts, analytical tools and quick sharing options. It is free to the public and has paid upgrade options.


  1. Prezi

Designed for the innovative and spontaneous, Prezi is famous for its “non-linear” slide sequence that take audiences on adventure rather than lecture. Easy to master, Prezi offers many features to bring personality into your presentation. Also, it includes many analytical tools and graphics to help marketers and sales professionals deliver their content attractively and effectively. Offered for free to the public with paid upgrade options.


  1. SlideDog

All In one, this interactive software takes away every presenter’s technical worries by organizing all your files in one place. Unlike other softwares, SlideDog can combine many presentation files (Prezi,PowerPoint, Keynote etc.) with online videos, webpages and other files and play them like a movie! So you no longer have to worry for embedment failures or bad slide sequences. It also allows you to engage your audience through polls and real-time sharing. And, to make things even better, it is absolutely free!


  1. Swipe

Entrepreneurs and business developers this one is for you! Offering real-time sharing in any device, swipe lets you carry all your decks in one platform making you ready to present anywhere! Elevator pitches don’t have to be so awkward anymore if you have all the info you need neatly organized in a mobile slideshow. Face-to-face or continents away, Swipe is always there to show the same information to every team member in real-time. And, of course, free of cost.


  1. CustomShow

CustomShow takes you to the clouds (literally). Marketed as an “all in one, easy-to-use Cloud app”, CustomShow has become a top choice amongst sales and marketing professionals. The software allows you to create branded presentations as well as to share and update teammates and clients in real-time. CustomShow also offers a great design tools and improves cost efficiency by allowing presenters to deliver impactful messages without spending too much time in building the presentation. You can request a demo to learn more about the software and choose the price package that best fits your budget!


  1. Haiku Deck

And last but never least, Haiku Deck is the perfect app for beginners and those who want beautiful but simple. Free for everyone (with paid upgrade options), Haiku Deck synchronizes your desktop and your phone and offers a good variety of themes, fonts and design tools.


Now all you’ve got to do is choose and create! And remember… you can visit each app’s website and take a tour before you invest.

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How to get an endorsement in 5 easy steps

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When you have a product or service to promote and you are relatively unknown , an endorsement from someone in your field who is at a high profile status can provide a huge boost. You want to be careful when approaching these potential endorsers because they probably get many offers on a regular basis. To better improve your chances of receiving any endorsement here are five steps that you can follow.

1. Create a great product

People who matter are not going to produce a mediocre product. They cannot afford to hurt their brand or reputation with negative association. Be committed to excellence.  download (13)

2. Make a prospect list

You need to ask yourself who do you want to endorse you or your product? Also who are the recognized authorities in your field? Do not be afraid to “think big” or feel you do not have access to a prospective endorser because even if you do not know them, you may know someone who does.

3. Leverage one endorsement for more

Sometimes prospective endorsers need an endorsement themselves in order to feel comfortable with your product. When you get someone to endorse your product then you include their endorsement as a part of your product. It makes it easier for everyone, because someone else already went first for the endorsement.

4. Ask for the endorsement

Do not get tongue tide in explaining your endorsement request. People and potential endorsers are busy and usually do not have time to read long emails. So get to the point and try and ask them when they will be most receptive. download (14)

5. Provide guidance, samples, and a deadline

It is important to include a brief description and/or a sample of your product. Explain the kind of endorsement you are looking for; be specific. Then provide a real endorsement or two and as well as a deadline. You have a better chance of getting an endorsement with a short deadline than a longer one.


Overall, endorsements make a huge difference in whether or not your product gets noticed by gate-keepers, trend-setters, or your target market. So take time to get them, they are very beneficial especially in the business world.


Sources: Michael Hyatt and Smallbusinesspr