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butn meeting the world

ButN The new standard for Business Networking?

Trevor 5 comments

Where Linkedin meets Facebook and has an affair with Tindr. ButN is a business, social and location based app that allows you to maximize your business trips.

Their primary premise is ‘don’t waste time in the hotel; this is the perfect time to be networking with likeminded individuals’. With ButN you can create, schedule and attend events created by yourself or others in the app.

Planning a trip to a summit? With ButN you’ll be shown an array of users by job professions and their distance from your location. So once you arrive to the summit, you’ll easily identify the people that hold a business interest to you. All you would have to do is contact them through the app and set a meeting up! However, like Tindr, both parties need to consent to the meeting before contact information is shared. If you are not interested in a contact, you can easily ignore or block them in the future. Also, depending on your settings; you can alert your contacts when you’re close to their location so you can set up a meeting.

An interesting feature is that you can write private notes on every contact. Is there something that you should never mention with this contact because it generally turns a meeting sour, or do you have a hard time keeping track of all your contact’s family members? This is the perfect space for all those thoughts and quirks you’ve learned from your contact. Have horrendous memory? No problem, jot this thoughts down so you can do a quick review right before the meet-up.

Although this is a new service that is still trying to gather memberships; it will be interesting to see whether or not it’ll catch on; or whether or not it’s just a matter of ‘how long’ until it becomes functional.


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