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New iPhone 7: Yes or No?

Trevor No Comments

The iPhone 7 is out. And, while some loyal fans welcome the new release with joy, others worry the new phone won’t meet their expectations.

And as we welcome water-resistance and wireless headphones, let’s outline some of the biggest pros and cons Apple’s new creation has to offer.




  1. Weather resistance – Although weather resistance does not mean your phone can survive a major drown, its internal-external hydrophobic coat keeps the phone safe from rain, dust, splashes and the accidental toilet slips (must get it out immediately though).
  1. Brighter camera colors – although many say the camera features haven’t changed much from the iPhone 6 to the 7, there are many improvements. Optical zoom, OIS and a wider aperture of f/1.8 are some of this. The image coloring is also better and even if the camera has the same megapixel count as the iPhone 6, it offers better quality images.
  2. More storage space – finally, after many generations of iPhones, Apple has increased the standard storage setting to 32GB. For people who love to store a lot of music, pictures and files, these are excellent news. And to those who need even more, there’s also an option to upgrade storage up to 128GB (with extra cost of course).
  1. iOS 10 – amongst the best features of the new iPhone is the software. iOS 10 offers quicker and more efficient applications that save up storage space, set “bedtime alarms”, avoid toll roads (with Apple Maps), close all shortcuts at once, and receive notifications for “read messages” on message.
  2. Improved Battery life – if you get iPhone 7 plus, your battery is set to last 2 hours longer than the iPhone 6, if you get the iPhone 7, you get 1 extra hour.



  1. No headphone jack – another big change that came with the new iPhone are the new wireless headphones. Having wireless headphones, users no longer need a headphone jack. This allows the phone to be thinner but also limits users extensively. Auxiliary cables and noise cancelling headphones are no longer an option. And, in case you wanted to charge your phone and listen to music at the same time, you can’t.
  1. Little to no aesthetic changes – if you look at the iPhone 6 & iPhone 7 you can notice that not much changed in the design. Maybe the touch button was taken away and replaced for a buzzing touch spot. But other than that, size, screen display and application arrangement remain very similar to previous models.
  1. Limited innovation – unlike the competition, Apple did not launch the iPhone 7 with highly competitive features. While the competition offers phones with 3D cameras, USB hard drive mode, VR and other incredible features, Apple has resulted to its traditional approach. Yes iOS 10 is a big breakthrough but users are now expecting smarter phones that combine more and more gadgets each time in one pocket-sized device.
  1. $$$ – And finally, the iPhone 7 is offered at $649 and the iPhone 7 Plus starts at $749. If you compare these prices to the competition they are WAY higher. Young Millennials, who are the ones most likely to buy, are also the ones most likely on a strict budget. Making Android options a safer bet.


In the end, buying or not an iPhone is more a question of loyalty than it is of functionality. With new technologies, Android is catching up very quickly and offering phones as innovative and “cool” as Apple. Design and aesthetics, however, still remains Apple’s domain since they still offer (by far) the prettiest phones out there.

I hope this list helps you take a better and more informed decision on whether or not to invest in Apple’s new model. And I leave you with a list of sources to guide you even further:

  1. Paste Magazine : Pros And Cons of iPhone 7 Without A Headphone Jack
  2. In-Depth iPhone Review : iPhone 7 Review
  3. Tech Times : iPhone 7 Review Roundup, What Experts Are Saying
  4. Forbes : 25 Secret Features Of iOS 10


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