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Halloween flat costume cartoon characters

How Big is Halloween (Really)?

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Halloween is the second largest holiday in the US, only surpassed by Christmas. Ever wonder how much Halloween is really worth? Well, total spending on Halloween this year will reach $7.4 billion, a substantial increase compared to last year’s $6.9 billion, but still lower than 2012’s whopping $8 billion.

A total of $2.8 billion will be spent on costumes alone this year; $1.4 billion in adult costumes, and $1.1 billion in children’s costume. Pets will not be left out of the party, it is estimated that a total of $350 million will be spent on pet costumes alone; a $20 million increase from last year. Needless to say, the pet costume industry is looking at a growing chunk of the pie.

dog wearing devil costume

More people are expected to celebrate Halloween this year (162 million) compared to last year (158 million). Of course, one must consider that this year’s Hallow’s Eve is on a Friday making more adults available this season. An increase expenditure might indicate economic recovery, but the reality of the matter is that ‘half the shoppers plan to buy their Halloween items at discount stores’ and a quarter of shoppers say they’ll make their Halloween purchases at a grocery store.

Economy counts, and 1 in 5 shoppers say that their spending will be impacted by the economy in such a way that 20% of them will make their own costumes instead of buying them, and 8% will not hand out candy this year. This, of course, doesn’t really impact that candy industry as consumers are expected to spend $2.2 billion on candy alone; and another $2 billion on decorations.

pumpkins halloween candy and decoration statistic

If you haven’t gotten your Halloween costume yet, Pinterest seems to be a growing source of inspiration. NRF’s survey found that 11.4% of people in the US will use Pinterest for costume ideas, compared to 9.3% last year.

Top Children’s Costumes 2013

Princess- 8.2%

Animal – 6.1%

Batman – 5.4%

Action/Super Hero – 5.1%

Spider Man – 3.9%


Top Adult Costumes 2013

Witch – 9.6%

Batman – 5.4%

Vampire – 5.0%

Zombie – 4.4%

Pirate – 3.8%


Top Pet Costumes 2013

Pumpkin – 7.9%

Hot Dog – 6.9%

Cat – 4.8%

Devil – 4.8%

Witch – 4.2%

Superman – 3.4%



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