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Twitter rolls out ‘Rebate Button’ on Tweets

Trevor No Comments

For a company valued at $15 billion by investors, it is still trying to justify their hefty price tag since their IPO. From a financial standpoint, Twitter has been gaining revenue through their advertising platform; however, in the digital world, ‘amount of users’ is just as important. Needless to say, Twitter has not been attracting new users; and their community seems to be stagnating. Since their IPO in November 2013, they have increased their active monthly users by roughly 17%. They currently stand at 284 million active monthly users.

With Google Wallet and Apple Money, it is clear that a shift in buying tendencies is happening as we speak. We no longer rely solely on physical credit cards; we can perform a myriad of transactions without inconveniencing ourselves at all.

How will the ‘Cash Back button’ work

Mathew Lynley from Buzzfeed writes “The company is beginning the test with a collection of brands over the holiday season. When a Twitter user sees an offer, they can add it to their credit or debit card. Then, when that user makes a purchase, the cash-back offer is redeemed directly to their card within a few days, the company said. Advertisers will be able to measure the uptake of the offers and see how each offer is translating into in-store sales, much like how they can monitor how specific ads are performing.”

Another Twitter purchasing feature that is being tested by a small percentage of users is the ability to buy products from within the app’s feed.


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