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6 Steps to becoming more persuasive at work

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You have great ideas and important messages to deliver; however, you can’t seem to get your point across accurately?  You don’t necessarily have to be in sales to find persuasion useful, you might need to persuade an employee to improve, persuade your boss of taking on a new idea, or gain support from colleagues.  Whichever the case may be, here are some incredibly useful tips for your next persuasion feat.

1. Persuasion is not Manipulation

Although it may seem that the end result is the same, manipulation uses force in such a manner that people do things that they didn’t want to; whereas, persuasion is through willing participants.


2. Drop the ‘I’ and replace it with ‘you’

Want to become more persuasive? Focus on them instead of yourself. If you want them to support you, tell them how they can benefit, or why it’s in their best interest in doing so.


3. Listen to their goals

Genuinely listen to other people’s concerns and goals. If you ignore them, you will more than likely be met with resistance and lack of engagement. I mean, why not? When you are dismissive of others, they will reciprocate the same sentiment.


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4. Validate their goals and ideas

It’s not enough to just listen, you need to reassert the fact that you have been listening. It’s something that’s easy to do; simply repeat their goals back to them so that they feel as though they have been acknowledged and they will be more willing to listen to you as well.


5. Be Flexible

Flexibility is vital. Influencers have the final goal in mind, and are ok with things playing out differently from what they had envisioned in the first place. You will increase your influence if people think of you as open to change, and hearing their perspectives.


6. Pick your battles

If you are always advocating your point of view consistently, you will be perceived as a pushy bully on a one track mind. Pick your battles smartly by knowing when it is time to persuade, and when it’s a time to shut up.


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